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Gossip Girl Reboot: Eli Brown Spills Beans On New Character

Of late fans have waited for the Gossip Girl Reboot, and Eli Brown has given some hint about it, and this is something which is making headlines. The series would have resumed filming by now, but the COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed the whole world into a crisis.

About The Production Status

The production of series has been delayed, and the fans have been waiting for the series to resume the work, but the new character of Eli Brown did bring some hope among the fans. The film would have started filming in New York City, and there is nothing more disappointing to see the whole process getting delayed. Although this isn’t something that is restricted to one series or movie, rather it has disturbed the entire release and renewal cycle.

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The HBO Max series is all set to thrill the fans with a reboot version of Gossip Girl, and this is something which is going to make a huge difference this time, as it is evident from Eli Brown’s description of his character in the reboot series. So what’s the deal with the new character? How is it going to impact the series? How much impact his role is going to put on the storyline of the series?

Casting Updates

Well, the questions are endless, but this time the cast is tight-lipped and refraining from giving any intricate details. As far as Eli Brown’s character is concerned, he has also given some selective information. This time the cast won’t be speaking much on the role they are gonna be playing. They have to refrain from getting into any controversy as the storyline is so well knitted that any information leak at this stage can affect the intent of the series.

Eli Brown’s character is going to be a wealthy man who comes from an affluent family and has an elite way of life. And the best part being, he has a humanitarian side too. So wealthy cum arrogant thing isn’t going to be there, and the character won’t be getting into unnecessary tantrums.

Other Things To Know

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he disclosed that his character is a sensible man with a humanitarian touch to his personality. He explained his role without getting into the nitty-gritty. This is something that can’t help the fans to know the details but at least gives an insight into Eli Brown’s character.

This is the only information Eli Brown gave, and after that, he didn’t talk anything about his character or the series. This time the producers are trying to give a surprise to the fans, and this is something which is going to accentuate the anticipation regarding the possible twist in the reboot version of Gossip Girl.

Fans have waited for any substantial info, but this seems to be a far fetched dream for now. Well, it will be in the best interest of the series and fans if things come as a surprise in the reboot version of the series.

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