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South Park Season 24 On Comedy Central: All The Crucial Details You Should Know About It

South Park is an American comedy and animated series. The creators of this series are Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It’s all seasons are available on HBO, but five episodes contain some matter about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, and this is the reason these episodes are not aired on any TV channel.

Various sources informed that the missing episodes are not part of season 23, and this decision was made by Viacom to exclude these episodes from the agreement. So they deduct these five episodes from the series before giving the license to the HBO channel.

Why five episodes create controversy

These five episodes are very controversial that violate some rules and beliefs of the Islamic depictions of Muhammad, or these episodes generate controversies among people if these episodes aired on TV. These episodes encourage the worship of different idols and also forbidden prophets of Islam. There were different types of images, drawings, cartoons, and statues to cover prohibitions.

South Park Season 24 Is Already Confirmed | Den of Geek
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These exempted episodes are not available on HBO max, and it includes some season of 5 super best friends and season 14 of 200 and 201. These are some shows that were deleted from the streaming deal previously on Hulu, and these seasons were also axed from the official website of South Park. And these seasons were also not available on HBO max were some parts of Cartoon Wars Part I and Cartoon Wars Part 2 streamed on all the websites of South Park.

Creators of the show

The creators of South Park that is Matt Stone and Trey Parker were threatened by someone in 2010 before the depictions of Muhammad in the season. This the primary reason why comedy central removes all the voices and all the references of visual in the episodes and removes all the uploaded shows from the streaming.

Dates of releasing the show

Last year, HBO Max gave license to South Park in an estimated deal of more than $500 million. The series of this show also revive for almost the next three seasons, and there will be new episodes available of this series on HBO max in 24 hours after airing this show on the comedy central.

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