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Snyder Cut: Our Favorite Star Henry Cavill Reveals Some Major Updates For It

After what started off as an online petition that voiced fans protest to see Zack Snyder’s cut of the hit movie Justice League which never made it into the big screens, gained huge momentum and now HBO has decided to release that in the newly launched streaming service.

Former Superman Actor Henry Cavill Opens Up About The Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League.

Along with fans, even cast members including Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Aquaman star Jason Momoa also participated and urged the studio to release the uncut version of the film. Now, out very own Superman has also been quite keen that the Zack Snyder’s cut will be finally out for fans to watch.

The Actor Is Pretty Excited To Watch The Unseen Version Of The Film.

Recently, DC Superman Henry Cavill opened up about the film and said that he is happy that Zack got to realize his vision. The Witcher star further expressed his excitement and said that he is quite excited to see the cut himself. He further said that the Justice League film did suffer from what can we call as a mix of visions! Take a look at the short first look of the Snyder cut!

The actor already has a lot going on for him as he is prepping to rerun to the hit Netflix fantasy series The Witcher. The actor did not disclose much about the probability of returning as the Man of Steel or whether he will reprise his role as Superman again or not. However, he is quite keen to see Zack Snyder’s cut for the time being.

The Witcher Star Might Return As Superman In Near Future!

Strong rumors of Henry Cavill returning as Superman were doing the rounds, the actor is apparently in negotiations with the Warner Bros. Studio and might at least come back for a cameo in a potential DC movie! We surely would love that! Till then, we need to see what’s next for him in Netflix’s The Witcher 2! Even fans are excited to see the Snyder’s cut once it airs exclusively on the streaming service HBO Max.

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