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The Genetic Detective Season 2: Current Scenario Of Its Renewal And Expected Air Date

Fans can never get enough of criminal series, keeping that ongoing fascination for interesting crime series in mind ABC network launched a new show titled The Genetic Detective that fans pretty much loved because of the unconventional plotline. Let us take a closer look at all the possibilities of the second season.

Will ABC Renew Crime Show The Genetic Detective For Season 2 Soon Enough? Here’s What We Know.

The show looks into some of the cold cases that raised enough speculation, and the whole investigation is done with the intelligent play of genetic database and testing of the DNA discovered on the place where the crime took place. The first season is over, and now fans are expecting the second season to arrive soon enough. The stories are gripping enough as Cece Moore and the team preps hard for the cases and how they crack open the mystery.

The First Season Has Managed To Gain Quite A Fanbase! Have a Look.

While the network has yet not renewed the show, it might be doing so in a next couple of months. While the presentation was not an overwhelming hit, it surely received a good response and had a good rating as well. If you haven’t already seen the show yet, take a look at the trailer to get a glimpse of what’s it all about!

The first season explored some of the controversial real-life cases one being the 2018 rape case of Carla Brooks. Some have even appreciated the pattern of the show and how the unconventional plot has actually managed to grip on to the fans’ attention. Cece Moore will be returning if renewed for season 2!

Fans Seem To Love The Unconventional Plotline Of The Show.

While it has not yet been renewed, we are sure a renewal is on its way as the situation following the whole pandemic attack became normal. Till then don’t forget to catch all the gripping cases from the first season itself. It surely is interesting enough for a good old binge-watch session! We hope the second season is renewed soon enough by ABC.

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