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Cobra Kai Season 3: Crucial Updates Regarding Cast And Release Date

YouTube action drama series Cobra Kai managed to grab onto the fans’ attention right from its release on the channel. Now, after two gripping seasons, fans are looking forward to the third season, and we might have some exclusive details about the upcoming season.

Cobra Kai Is All Set With A New Season And A New Streaming House As Well! Here’s What We Know.

Loosely based on the famous Karate Kid story, the series has been a high hit till now, and fans would be happy to know that a third season is happening! However, it won’t be airing on Youtube anymore.

The Third Season Will Air On Netflix Along With The Two Seasons. Have A Look.

The series has been shifted to a whole new house, the show will be available on Netflix from now on, and even the new third season will also be streaming on Netflix as well. They have gained the rights for the two-season on an exclusive basis.

Things ended on a rather twisted note with things looking bad for both Dojo and Johnny, along with Daniel as well. Tragedy has hit them hard, and now they must be rising above that. With Kresse betraying Johnny, it will surely lead to some major changes in the third coming season. Moreover, the second season finale ended on a huge cliffhanger as well and assured that a major character might appear for the first time in the third season.

Will Johnny Get To See A Long Lost Love Interest Soon Enough?

While one character’s name has been mentioned several times in the course of the show, it seems like in the third season Ali Mills Schwarber can make an appearance as hinted by the second season finale. Johnny has time and again said how he has never really gotten over her. So, is she going to appear front he this season itself? That is something we are eagerly looking forward to it! There’s also a lot to look out for fans as Johnny and Daniel might put their rivalry aside and join hands for the common good this time!

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