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Katy Keene: The Riverdale Spin-Off Is Cancelled!

The second season of Katy Keene has been canceled, and this is something that has come out of blue, and fans weren’t anticipating this. The CW has made this announcement, and now they are looking forward to exploring other options. The Riverdale spinoff was expected to be renewed, but there are certain things that made the producers come at this decision. We will be discussing all the details about the cancellation of the spinoff series.

What happens after the cancellation of Katy Keene?

There is specific technical nitty-gritty concerning the series, and we will be explaining this in layman terms. The series will have the cast, but there are certain caveats concerning the transfer of the series to another web platform.

Riverdale Spinoff Katy Keene Cancelled at The CW
Source: ComingSoon.net

The matter is in the hands of Warner Bros TV to either continue the series with HBO Max or to cancel the renewal of the series. At this point, HBO Max is streaming the first season of the spinoff series. This is something which is going to decide the future course of action. Now that the ball is in WBTVs court, we have to wait for the next couple of months for details on the renewal of the spinoff series.

What led to the cancellation of Katy Keene after the first season?

It may come as a surprise to the audience as to why the spinoff series was canceled even though the parent series did exceptionally well. Riverdale has done an incredible job when it comes to creating a spectacular storyline and blending cast members accordingly. The series is expected to release its fifth season, but the spinoff series couldn’t get luckier and faced cancellation.

One of the most pertinent reasons for cancellation of the series was low ratings of the series. A consistent average ranking of spinoff series led to the cancellation of the series by CW. But this doesn’t mean that the possibility of renewal is outrightly rejected. The series may get renewed, one of the caveat being the platform which is going to give space for the renewal of the series.

Other Major Updates

One of the striking things which can be ascertained as the reason for the cancellation of the series is the fact that the ratings didn’t go up even in the lockdown period. Online streaming platforms, in general, have seen an increase in viewership. But even in these times, the series couldn’t make any considerable progress. So it can be said that the series couldn’t stand up to the expectations of the audience.

This made things tough for CW to cope up with the series and renew it again. These were the testing times as most of the series has helped online streaming platforms in getting more viewership of the series they had, but this couldn’t happen with CW. Even other series streaming on CW’s showed positive signs and an increase in viewership. Once the details on the renewal are clarified further, we will update the page with all the relevant information at our disposal.

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