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Designated Survivor Season 4: Why It Won’t Possibly Release This Year

The political action drama Designated Survivor returned with the third season airing on the streaming giant, as the season took an unexpected turn with Tom Kirkman getting his hands into some sneaky business in the course of the political campaign. Let us take a look at all the possibilities of the fourth season and is it happening anytime soon?

Is Political Drama Designated Survivor Returning For Season 4 Anytime Soon? Here’s What We Know.

While ABC was almost on the verge of canceling the show, Netflix came in and revived the show with a brand new this season. However, with the third season-ending, fans are looking forward to some serious power play in season 4!

Netflix Has Officially Canceled The Show For Further Seasons!

Unfortunately, fans might be utterly disappointed as Netflix issued an official statement announcing that they won’t be continuing the show for season 4. The streaming giant thanked executive producer Kiefer Sutherland for his excellent portrayal of the role of President Kirkman in the political series. Kirkman’s big political victory was the conclusion. Now the rest is better left off to the imagination it seem.

Even before Netflix made the official announcement, lead star, and executive producer Sutherland opened up about the show getting canceled yet again as several of the cast members were contacted for another season in the first place. The actors after not being called for another season went on to take other acting roles. The show struggled with the rating and that might be the reason for the cancelation.

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The Story Is Wrapped Up With Kirkman’s Big Political Win.

So, it seems like Kirkman’s big win is the conclusion of the story and although he seemed to have made some moral adjustments for the win, it was pretty much the end of it. Kirkman managed to conceal the big revelation about his opponent, Cornelius Mos. While fans would have loved to see the aftermath of the victory if the show was to be renewed for season 4! Now, all the aftermath of the win and how he could have tackled it all will remain a big mystery.

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