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Overload Season 4: When Will Anime Title Likely To Hit Screens

Popular anime series Overlord has been garnering a high fanbase over time. The story has been so gripping that makers went ahead and renewed the series for three back to back series. Now fans are wondering about the future of the series and whether the fourth season is happening or not! Let us take a closer look at all the ongoing development of the series and how far is the next new season.

Is Overlord Season 4 happening Anytime Sooner Or Not? Here’s What We Know.

While no official.announcement has been made yet about whether the fourth season is being renewed or not, there are reports that two creators of the anime appeared in a local anime convention and might have teased the possibility of a fourth season happening after all!

There’s No Official Announcement About Any New Season Development. Have a Look.

The story has a lot to look forward to as it still has a big part of the story to be narrated from the original novels. However, the production of the anime series has been going through a slow process. With no official announcement made by the Madhouse studio or the makers, this fourth season much makes fans wait for a while.

While there is no official word on it, the author of the original anime novels has opened up about finishing the story with the 20th volume. So, with the process being a bit slower than usual it can also be one of the reasons for the delay of the series as well. So, there’s still a lot to cover in the series which means the fourth season will be happening!

Anime Fanatics Might Have To Wait for A Bit Longer For Season4!

Whatever the reason is the anime fanatics are eagerly waiting for an announcement regarding the next season. Even if it happens the international release of the fourth season might take some time which means a prolonged wait on our part for now. Meanwhile, we can binge-watch all the remaining seasons to stay updated while the next new seasons come along. We sure are eagerly waiting for the next season soon enough.

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