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Seven Deadly Sins Season 4: Why The Show Didn’t Release Yet?

The popular anime series The Seven Deadly Sins has been a huge hit amongst anime fanatics, with three back to back seasons airing on the streaming giant Netflix, now fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth season to release soon. We might have some exclusive details about the fourth season that fans would love to look into.

Popular Anime Series The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Might Be Coming Sooner Than You Think!

It’s time to rejoice as Netflix has posted an official Twitter post announcing the new of the fourth season happening and it is expected to arrive this July itself! Take a look at the exclusive images along with the big news. So, it seems like the gang is returning sooner than expected!

Netflix Has Already Made An Official Announcement. Have A Look.

The third season ended on a big twist and too many cliffhangers that are making fans look forward to the fourth season. With King Arthur going into hiding, Camelot seems to be falling. There is trouble in paradise for Meliodas and Elizabeth as well. Is Meliodas’ demonic side pose a bigger the threat to him? The fourth season will be action-packed with a dramatic twist as well.

Now with the demonic clan coming over to take ultimate control, the seven deadly sins much reunite once again to defeat the evil power. However, will that be that easy for them who are now separated across the kingdom? The fourth season is halfway through broadcasting in Japan, with taking a short gap due to the holidays! Now it will release internationally in the streaming giant Netflix.

How Will Elizabeth And Meliodas Stand The Test Of Time!

However, what is worrying fans is that Netflix has not given any update about the fourth season coming this July, with no official release date announced to date we are assuming that there might be some changes on the way! We hope that the fourth season arrives sooner so that we can see what’s next for the gang in the kingdom. We surely are excited to see how the plot unravels in season 4!

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