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Red Dead Redemption 3: Will It Happen? Details Here

After the monumental success of the Red Dead Redemption 2, fans are wondering whether there is going to be the third part of this popular video game or not? With Rockstar Games behind the genius game franchise, there might be a slight delay for the third part. Is it happening anytime soon? Let’s find that out the possibilities of the third game happening under the Rockstar Games banner.

Is Popular Game Franchise Red Dead Redemption 3 Happening After All This Time? Here’s What We Know.

After the second game came and became a big success, expectations have skyrocketed. However, considering how these games became increasingly involved with time, the makers might take some sweet time before even starting their work on the third installment.

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The Initial Story Is Resolved In The Second Game Itself!

Although there might be some news as Rockstar Games might not be making the third part for the game, after all. The biggest reason for not launching the third installment is because the story of the Van Der Linde gang is officially wrapped up and done away with. It is properly resolved, and there’s nothing to look forward to in the story. That might not be on the tables for the makers.

If a third part of the hit video.game is made, after all, the makers either have to turn back and go back into the past or narrate a story revolving different people in a different location altogether. That might seem to be somewhat of an unnecessary dragging at this point. With the actual story ending, there’s not much to look forward to it. Moreover, the Rockstar banner has its hands full with other objects.

Many Other Game Projects Are Lined Up For Rockstar Games.

Moreover, the fact that the makers have still not made any announcement regarding the third installment, although it’s been a while since the second game was launched, might be evidence enough that a third game is not happening after all. Moreover, many other projects are keeping Rockstar Games busy at this point. So, as of now, the chances of the third game coming forward is looking slim enough.

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