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William Defoe As Joker In Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, Will It Happen?

The upcoming Robert Pattinson starrer film The Batman has been crating a high stir amongst fans even before its release on the big screens. Apart from the unconventional casting, director Matt Reeves has been going forward with a different approach this time.

William Defoe’s Joker Might Be Pitted Against Robert Pattinson’s Batman! Here’s What We Know.

While the director has described the Dark Knight as a Humanist and he will be playing more of a detective like a role this time. However, it is not only the prince of Gotham that will be the center of attention this time.

This New Fan-Made Image Is Creating A Stir Amongst Fans! Have A Look.

This time the film has been reported to be roping in not one but three villains! While Joker is not one of the three trouble makers this time, new fan art has been going viral, which has pitched Willian Defore as Joker! Take a look at the marvelous fan art image on social media, which looks so very convincing. Also, observe the two serving some intense looks in the picture.

While there are no recent updates of the Joker being a part of Matt Reeves’ The Batman but the two arch-rivals might come face to face in any other DC film, that’s what fans are hoping! This fan art image is undoubtedly giving fans hope as William Defoe is already in the run as a potential contender earlier. While the fan art is not real, it does make an excellent point, to be honest!

The New Batman Film Will Have Three Villains This Time!

As far as Matt Reeves’ film is concerned, the Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman are reportedly going to create significant problems for the Dark Knight. Reeves has further kept the plot details still under wraps, but we sure would miss Joker as the rivalry between the two is what makes the movies all the more iconic, to be honest! We wonder why the director omitted Joker from the film after all, is there some other plan going on for the caped crusader? We will find out.

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