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Wonderwoman Apperance In Arrowverse: Possibiliies And Much More

With Arrowverse team prepping hard for the upcoming season and fans are expecting to witness some exciting cameos from other superheroes this time. The hit superhero team-up is no stranger to if crossovers at all time, is there going to be a big cameo this time as well? Let us look into the probable chances of a superhero soon making her entry into the network.

Is Wonder Woman Going To Be A Part Of The Arrowverse Family In CW?

Reportedly, a member of the Justice League is expected to make a cameo in the upcoming chapters Arrowverse. While the DC superheroes have rarely made their appearance on the small screen, there are plans of bringing Wonder Woman on board. Moreover, the Arrowverse family has already made several indications and references for Wonder Woman, and she might appear on the network.

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There Might Be Limitations Due To The DCEU Film Franchise. Here’s What We Know.

While there might be restrictions following the movie franchise issues, the studio is slowly lifting the restriction of some DCEU characters, however, given the film promotions going on and even reports of a third Wonder Woman happening as well, Diana Prince might not be appearing in the CW projects anytime soon.

However, the network has some other plans for sure and has an alternate plan where they might introduce another Wonder Woman who has been carrying the mantle, Nubia. Nubia is Diana’s twin sister and also Wonder Woman from an alternate universe. While the two are sisters, Nubia was raised by different people who pretty much brainwashed her.

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Is Nubia Going To Be The New Wonder Woman For The CW Network?

While there is no official word from the network, they might bring Nubia on board to appear as Wonder Woman without conflicting with DCEU Wonder Woman that is Diana Prince. Moreover, Nubia has a pretty interesting backstory that might make her appearance in the CW family all the exciting to watch.  With Nubia having almost the same powers as Diana Prince, her appearance in the Arrowverse family might lead to some major plot twists and turns.

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