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Joker 2: Is Sequel Coming Anytime Soon? What Are The Plans

Joker was a great success, and fans were truly elated by watching such a brilliant actor and a great storyline. The movie has won significant awards, and Joaquin Phoenix has won an oscar for it, so this suffices to prove that movie deserves a second part. As of now, we didn’t have many details as primarily most of the people associated with Joker hasn’t been much supportive of a sequel.

But this does not mean that the possibility of a sequel is completely ruled out. The movie can have a sequel, but there is much more than the Desire of fans to make a movie. So we will be discussing the possibility of having a second part of the movie in the upcoming section of this article.

Why do we think Joker deserves a sequel?

Many elements are assessed before deciding for a sequel. There are time constraints commercial aspects storyline availability of the cast and a thousand factors that play a pivotal role in the decision making. So it’s not like that as if a producer will go directly for making a sequel, but in case of Joker, there are pertinent reasons which make the sequel viable in every possible sense.

Joker 2
Source: The Hindu

If we look at the commercial aspects of the movie, we can see that the film crossed over 1 billion dollars in collections worldwide. So this is a considerable amount, and thus the question of commercial viability is ruled out.

Will Joaquin Phoenix return in the second part of Joker?

If the movie has to make a sequel, then nobody can be a better replacement for Phoenix. He has grabbed the Oscar in the category of the best actor, so who else can be we used as his replacement in the sequel.

His acting has been globally appreciated, and if a second part will come, there is no possibility that Warner Bros will go for any other actor than Phoenix himself. However, it is not as simple as it appears to be because Phoenix also has his commitment, so the producers will have to wait. There is a lot of coherence expected when a sequel has to happen, and the producers must be putting things into order before making any formal announcement in this regard.

One of the prominent reasons which make the sequel realistic is the fact that at the end of the movie, we saw the Phoenix alive. So this room must have been left to make a sequel. Show us equal must be in the books, but it’s the planning, which is more crucial, and once things start falling in place, we can have a sequel for sure.

So it will take a while to decide in this regard, but it’s the producers who will be calling the shots and not some speculation. So we are also waiting for an official word. Once the details are out, we will update the page with relevant information at our disposal.

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