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Thor Love And Thunder: Will We See Fat Thor Again In The Upcoming Movie?

As we all know. Hollywood become an indefinite hiatus, all thanks to corona-virus and the ongoing situation across the globe.

In this situation, everyone needs to stay at home and follow all the guidelines that being told by the government. All the filmmakers are revealing the details about the series and movies in bits and pieces because they also following the guidelines to stay at home. They are the ones whom the public follows blindly.

So it is essential to them, so stay home, stay safe. One filmmaker is Jojo Rabbit. He is the director of the movies and Taika Waititi, who revealed and discussed something about their Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel Thor: Love and Thunder. They disclosed everything about the film and provided some details about the upcoming sequel that is Thor: Love and Thunder. They come to love for the fans and answer all the questions of the fans regarding their forthcoming film.

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Will we get to see fat, Thor?

When fans are asking the questions, one fan asked whether the fat Thor will be back in the upcoming sequel. But on this question, Taika Waititi is not sure about, and he does not give a confirm answer that the fat Thor will be back in Thor 4 or not.

Thor, who is known for its role of legendary Asgardian, became too heavy in the Avengers, end game. So he replied to make a pun that the Thor is getting back in shape, and when he gets back into his previous shape, then maybe he will be seen at the beginning of the movie. Waititi does not give any fixed and confirm the answer about his appearance in the film.

When we expect to see Thor?

We are expecting that we get to see him the next sequel. Might be the creator of movie wants to keep it secret and does not want to reveal it in public. He also added further as the shooting of the movie progresses as the Thor is getting back in shape and reverting back in its muscular form because the audience liked him as a muscular man.

It gave us a shock as Thor become fat and heavy, and God of Thunder is strapping brutally because he got an excessive amount of fat.

So as of now, there is no revelation as the God of Thunder will be back in its upcoming movie or not.

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