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Will A Hulk Solo Film Happen With Mark Ruffalo? Know Here

Mark Ruffalo is very much interested in making a standalone movie that too marvels movie with the character incredible HulkHulk. This actor played in Bruce Banner’s movie named Avengers that came in 2012. He also mentioned that he loves to follow the character and wants to follow the steps of Black Widow, Loki, or Hawkeye, and he also wants to give his spin-off but that too with solo adventure.

As we all are fans of Hulk and we can hold our breath for solo release movie in which the star will be mar, Ruffalo.

Here’s What Mark Ruffalo Revealed

Ruffalo revealed when he appeared at the expo on Disney D23 information regarding Avengers: Infinity War. He also had a word with variety wherein mention about the future of Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

Professor Hulk
Source: CBR

He is also mentioned that the standalone movie of Hulk will not be going to happen as of now, there is no possibility to occur of the standalone film. Mark Ruffalo confirms it. It is clear from the side of the star. Marvel Universal has the rights and that they right because of some reasons, they also not aware of how to play with MCU, and they also not prefer to create money. These details and information gave by the star in February. But we don’t know what the creators are thinking; maybe they are planning to move ahead with some other movie. But as of now, there is no confirmation about the incredible character HULK solo movie.

Head of Marvel, Kevin Feige about to leave the franchise

The head of Marvel, named Kevin Feige about to leave the franchise of the movie. This is also revealed by the 52-year-old. The marvel head wants to go franchise because of some gender representation issues.

Ruffalo also revealed that he got a moment with Feige, and he wants to release a Disney based superhero movie but that too based on a female superhero or a female-driven film. But he needs to convince the Disney’s largest holder shareholder man that is Ike Perlmutter. He holds the largest part of share in the studio and Feige wants to convince him. This is also revealed by the star.

So as of now fans should know that there is no information regarding the solo movie.

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