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Zatanna movie: Here’s The Casting Update And Other Major Details To Know About The Upcoming Movie

In the already big family of superheroes and action heroes under Warner Bros., another name might be added soon enough! While the project is still under the early stage of development. However, we might have some exclusive information about the upcoming project! Let us take a closer look at this upcoming project that the studio might be working on next!

Is Warner Bros. Developing Another Standalone Movie On An Action Figure? Here’s What We Know About It!

Apparently, Warner Bros. The studio is looking forward to creating a movie on the magic-wielding character, Zatanna! Fans must be familiar with her as she casts spells by speaking backward! Is she going to join the bigger family superheroes, and is it going to be a standalone movie?

Zatanna Might Be Getting A New Standalone Movie Under DC Banner!

The rumors of a film being made on Zatanna dates back in 2018, during that time the studio was also.looking forward to make solo movies on Batgirl and Supergirl. While the other two projects are yet to be confirmed, Zatanna might get a separate movie despite her associations with the Justice League. Unlike the Justice League team, the studio has reputedly decided to go ahead with a separate film altogether!

While this might be the first time that Zatanna will be getting her movie, she has appeared in several animated projects under the DC banner. Even in a new animated Batman movie along with other films such as The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, Smallville and Young Justice as well.

Nothing Has Been Officially Confirmed By The Studio Yet!

Moreover, while the studio has yet not made any official announcement about this rumored movie, fans are hopeful that they might catch of it at the upcoming virtual DC FanDome Event that is slated to release on 22nd August! Warner Bros. might have a few surprise projects up their sleeves, which might make its way in this virtual event. Fans are eagerly waiting for some big announcement to be made at the game, which is hyped up in various social media sites! We sure are waiting.

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