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Justice League Snyder Cut: Star J.K. Simmons Says He Is Available For The Reshoots

Warner Bros. officially declared that they will release the most awaited Snyder Cut of superhero film Justice League. The talks of a Snyder Cut started when the original film was bombed at the box office and received criticism from the DC fans. Justice League ruined by the director Joss Whedon when he was appointed to finish the post-production as Zack Snyder had to leave the project for a personal problem.

But finally, we will get the version that Zack Snyder has planned for Justice League. We will see never seen before footages in it, and DC fans are expecting a lot from it. Many new characters will appear in Snyder Cut that includes the supervillain Darkseid. Many cast members and crew from the original film will return to complete Snyder Cut, and recently J.K. Simmons revealed interest for the reshoots. Keep reading to know about it:

J.K. Simmons on Snyder Cut

J.K. Simmons performed the part of Commissioner Jim Gordon in Justice League movie. Now he said that he’s ready for the reshoots that will require to complete the Snyder Cut. The star talked with Screenrant regarding his film Palm Springs, and during the interview, he also opened up about Snyder Cut.

Simmons claimed that if Zack Snyder will feel any requirement for him to do extra dialogue recording or shooting, so he’s ready to do it. He’s very much happy to be the part of Snyder Cut.


Newly, Warner Bros. released a teaser of Justice League Snyder Cut in which we can see the first look of Darkseid, watch it below:

More Details

Justice League Snyder Cut will not release before the next year. Also, recently Warner Bros.talked with Variety, so it was revealed that Snyder Cut is expected to arrive nearly mid-2021. There is still some work left to make the Cut complete. New updates for the upcoming version of the Justice League will declare on DC Fandome.

We are expecting to see these characters in Snyder Cut alongside Darkseid: Martian Manhunter, Ryan Choi, Iris West, DeSaad, Ares. We are hoping that Snyder Cut will be better from the original film.

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