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Chicken Run 2: All The Latest Update You Should Know About The Sequel Part

Directed, produced, and created by, Peter Lord and Nick Park, this comedy animated film was released on 23rd June 2000 in the United States and 30th June 2000 in the United Kingdom.

This wonderful animated film gained immense popularity and made a box office collection.

Two hundred twenty-five million dollars, making this film the highest-grossing stop motion animated film in history. The film is a production of British studios Aardman Animations, partnered with French studio Pathé and American studio DreamWorks Animation. The movie has a time duration of 84 minutes, and its country of origin is the USA and UK.

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With the first part of the movie being such success and receiving so much appreciation from the public, it was no doubt that a sequel of it will be made. So, after two decades of wait, when the news of the coming of the second part of this film was aired, the fans’ enthusiasm had no limit. The first announcement about the development of the second part of this film was made in April 2018. 

The upcoming sequel of the film will be also be written by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell. Whereas David Sproxton and Peter Lord will be serving as the co-producers of the film. A few days back, in June 2020, with the completion of 20 years of the first part, Netflix acquired the rights to release the upcoming part of the film on their original network. Therefore, it is expected that the sequel, Chicken Run 2, will be released in a year on Netflix.

The plot of the Past and Upcoming Film:

The plot of the movie centers around some chickens who are on the mission to escape the farm they’ve been living in. Unaware that the farm owner’s wife is planning on changing the farm into the pie machine barn and the chickens into a meat pie.

In the movie, we see how they try their best and create new ways by which their escape can be possible, but none of them work, and they always get caught. One day, a rooster (Rocky), after being shot by a circus cannon, lands in their farm, the adventures of the chicken family take a turn as they try to hide the rooster from the Tweedy’s. 

Days pass, and the story takes a scary turn, where Mrs. Tweedy tries to put Ginger in the pie machine to test it. Saving Ginger and going ahead to inform and keep the other chickens from the Tweedy family, Rocky tries his best, and the adventures in the film continue.

The storyline of the sequel is expected to pick from where the first one left off, where the chickens have saved themselves and settled into their new safe house. Ginger and Rocky, gave birth to a beautiful chick, Molly. Just as their lives were settling, a new threat in the chickens’ lives is introduced, around which the plot of the sequel will revolve.

Approaching Film: Anticipated Voice Cast:

The main characters of the film, Ginger, Rocky, Mr. & Mrs. Tweedy, are the voices of Julia Sawalha, Mel Gibson, Miranda Richardson, and Tony Haygarth, respectively. Together with, Timothy Spall as Nick’s voice, Benjamin Whitrow was Fowler’s.

Phil Daniels as Fetcher’s, Imelda Staunton as Bunty’s and Jane Horrocks as Babs’ voice, all these cast members are expected to be a part of the upcoming film too. The film directors have done a commendable job in the making of the film, and the fans are much awaiting the release of its sequel part.

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