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Edge Of Tomorrow 2: Are There Any Plans Drafted For Sequel?

It’s been a while since Emily Blunt- Tom Cruise starrer movie The Edge of Tomorrow hot the theatres and fans have been hoping for a sequel movie ever since. Although it seems like fans have been delaying for way too long for the sequel. Let us take a closer look at the possibilities of the sequel film.

Is Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Happening Anytime Soon Or Not? Here’s What We Know.

The possibilities of a sequel film started to look slim enough when director Doug Liman revealed in 2019 that he has no clue whether a sequel film is actually getting made or not. Although back in January this year, there was an update of the sequel film happening.

Director Doug Liman Might Have Given Fans Some Updates On It! Have a Look.

Moreover, there are reports of Doug Liman working on the script of the sequel with Jez Butterworth. When asked about the sequel to lead star Emily Blunt, she said that she did have some date issues as she was working on the film Mary Poppins for almost a year!

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Doug Liman has opened up about the sequel and revealed that the sequel is going to be comparatively smaller with fewer action sequences. Here’s an image of the director working on the sequel movie that he posted on his social media account. So, the sequel is happening after all and now all we need to see is whether the lead stars are retuning back or not! Well, we are not sure about that.

Is Tom Cruise Going To Return For The Sequel Movie As Well?

With Tom Cruise busy with his coming movie Top Gun Maverick and he is also.working ok the Mission Impossible movies, we wonder whether the actor is going to return for the sequel of this movie or not.

Emily Blunt has also not given any further confirmation about reprising her role. However, fans would.love to see the original action pair returning for the sequel the movie as well. We will receive more updates when the makers will announce them. Till then, the sequel’s fate is still in grave uncertainty.

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