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Hightown: Creator Gary Lennon Shared Details For Season 2

Hightown is a popular American crime drama TV series created by Rebecca Cutter. The TV series has Gary Lennon as an executive producer. The first season of the series premiered on Starz this year on 17 May.

The series has got affirmative reviews from the critics. Season one has been praised by everyone for its interesting script and top-notch characters. Fans of Hightown are waiting for the second installment of the TV series. Here is what Gary Lennon has shared about season 2 of Hightown.

Gary Lennon Shared Details About Season 2

Season 2 of Hightown has already been renewed, and showrunner Gary Lennon has something to say about it. According to Gary, he and the show creator Rebecca has big things in store for season 2 of Hightown. She is an interview with an entertainment daily told that she is working with Rebecca and cast of chapter 1 of Hightown for the second installment.

Hightown' Season 2 Might Not Premiere For A While
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She told me that she wants to thank Starz for introducing her to Rebbeca and Jerry Bruckheimer’s team. According to it is a group of perfect people who made the season one of the show happen. She told in the interview that the team had a vision, and they have perfectly portrayed in the show what they were desired.

Gary Shared How Hightown Happened?

In the interview, she shared how she collaborated with Rebecca for season 1 of the show. She told me that Rebecca had come to meet her when she was working on Power. Rebecca used to go to the Power office to discuss what the series was about. Gary and Rebecca discussed every little detail of the show there. According to Gary, after having a dialogue with Rebecca on every critical aspect of Hightown, they brought that to Starz.

When Is Hightown Season 2 Arriving?

Season one of Hightown has just finished, and the storyline has been praised so much. Fans are now excited about the second installment of Hightown. Although the series has been renewed for a second season, there is no official release date given for the series by the makers. We will keep you updated about any news related to Hightown.

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