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Iron Fist Season 3: What Exactly Happened With Its Release

While Netflix has been canceling almost all the Marvel shows, including Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and other shows, another show might have also been added to this list, and fans are pretty heartbroken about it. Let us take a closer look at the fate of the show on Netflix.

Is Iron Fist Not Returning For Season 3 On Netflix? Here’s What We Know.

After Iron Fist aired on the streaming giant with the first season, fans have been giving mixed reviews about the show. However, the streaming giant continued to have faith in the show and renewed it for season 2 as well. Fans soon enough began to have a newfound interest in these how but it was not meant to last long.

The Season Season Left Behind A Huge Cliffhanger For Fans! Have a Look.

The second season finale left a huge cliffhanger behind, thus making the possibilities if a third season even stronger. However, it was not meant to be as the streaming giant soon canceled the show after two seasons. Take a look at the social media post about the cancelation of the show after two seasons only!

Marvel Studio further confirmed the news of the cancellation in an exclusive interview. The studio thanked all the cast and crew members involved in the projects and even thanked fans for having faith in the show for two long seasons. However, like all good things, this show bid us a bittersweet goodbye after a big twist at the end that was not resolved. However, Disney+ might be kind enough and revive the show after all!

The Show Has Been Officially Canceled By Netflix After Two Seasons!

Moreover, how the second season ended with a high cliffhanger that implies that writers were hoping to return for season 3! However, the cancelation was soon announced, and this show fell into the box with some other Marvel shows that we’re also canceled earlier by Netflix. We sure would have loved to see what’s next for the new hero in action and more. However, now things are best left to the imagination it seems.

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