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Naya Rivera: The Cause Of Death Of The Star Unveiled After Her Autopsy Released

The cause of death of the actress, Naya Rivera, is out now, and it is revealed.

On this Tuesday, the medical examiner of the Ventura County revealed that an autopsy had been executed and also disclosed the reason for Naya Rivera’s death. The manner of drowning and destruction of the 33-year-old actress was an accident.

Medical examiner revealed during a press release.

All the things and situations indicated that the body of the actress and it is confirmed that this body belongs to the actress, Naya Rivera. The medical examiner revealed this also during a press release.

The situation of the body is consistent, and the findings of the autopsy are inconsistent with the drowning state and how the time and body drown in the water. There were traumatic injuries shown on the actress’s body during the autopsy. There are no reports related that the actress has taken some kind of narcotics and alcohol. There is no indication during the autopsy about narcotics and alcohol. Neither medicine nor alcohol was present in the actress’s body revealed by the medical examiner in the press release.

Naya Rivera's Cause of Death Revealed | PEOPLE.com
Source: People.com

It was confirmed about the death of a 33-year-old actress by the Glee alumna on Monday. It is a grief and unfortunate news for all the people, and we lost a gem of the industry. She is the finest actress. She disappeared five days back, and the police are searching for after her parent’s complaint. She was disappeared when she was going on a trip to lake Piru in Ventura County, California. A report had come in witness that she disappeared with his 4-year-old son when she was doing boating on her trip with her son.

A horrible accident

This became a horrible accident when both mother and son submerged into the water. Authorities came to help both but all in vain. The team of helpers dives into the water, but all their efforts became void. On Monday, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office posted that her body was found in the lake.

They are confident that the body they find belongs to the actress. It has been tough to appease the parents and relatives of the actress, and they are in grief for Naya Rivera’s loss.

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