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Jun-On Origin Season 2: What Exactly Happened With Sequel?

After fans were both spooked and hooked when Netflix original series Ju-On: Origins unraveled the dark secrets of the Grudge world. While the first season left several unresolved questions behind, is a second season happening to answer these questions.

Netflix Original Series Ju-On: Origins First Season Is Currently Streaming On Netflix! Here’s What We Know.

With no news of any confirmation, it is difficult to assume whether a second season is happening after all? Moreover, the series unravels the dark and unknown secrets of the curse. While the story seems to have jumped a few timelines, fans were kept to the edge with an environment so tense and scary that it was the Grudge all over again! The series has maintained a positive hold on subscribers while creating a similar atmosphere of horror and spine chilling suspense. Take a small sneak peek into it.

Is There Going to Be A Second Season On Netflix? Have a Look.

Considering that the series aired on the streaming service on 3rd July, it is still a tad bit early to expect a renewal confirmation from Netflix. Till then, if you haven’t already seen the first season yet, here’s the official trailer of it to give fans a glimpse of the the the horror that awaits!

The first season only had six episodes and so there’s still a lot for fans to look forward to if a second season is happening anytime soon! Moreover, the second season will focus more on the first and the ongoing method that will finally lead to the history of the curse.

The Second Season Will Be Focusing On The Dark Curse Of Destruction.

While the first season finale was pretty open-ended according to the subscribers, the process of Yasuo Odajima uncovering the dark and unfathomable secret of the first that is destroying many families and preying on their souls. Now, all we need to do is wait for a while until Netflix soon makes a positive announcement about season 2 happening!

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