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Train To Busan Peninsula: What We Know So Far Regarding Sequel?

After the overwhelming success of the first Train to Busan movie, as seemed to have loved the film’s unconventional treatment of the zombie genre. However, we have even bigger news for fans and it is about this film itself. Let us take a detailed look at what is the buzz all about!

Train To Busan Is Officially Getting Another Sequel! Here’s What We Know.

Time to rejoice as Train To Busan 2 is officially happening. While we do not have an official release date yet, but the sequel is expected to release someone around this year itself. Yeon Sang-ho will be back and will be both directing and penning down the script as well. Is the original cast members also returning for the sequel as well?

The Sequel Is Expected To Release This Year Itself! Have a Look.

The working title of the sequel film is Bando which translates to Peninsula. While no additional plot details have been disclosed, the new set of characters are all set to discover a cure while the zombies go on to destroy South Korea. The director will surely give a unique spin to the overall plot. The plot will be clear enough once the sequel hits the big screen.

Actor Song Joong Ki is reportedly hired to play the lead role in the upcoming sequel. No other actor has been finalized yet.  People who are wondering whether Gong Yoo from the original movie is a return or not, he might appear for a cameo appearance after all! Moreover, he might reappear as a zombie considering the events of the previous movie. That is not yet announced yet but fans sure are hopeful!

Who Is Cast As The Lead Actor In The Sequel?

Director James Wan is producing the sequel movie. He is also undertaking several other projects including a horror spinoff of Aquaman! Fans are hoping that the sequel movie of Train to Busan maintains a similar charm and rich characterization. We are eagerly waiting for the official trailer to arrive soon enough. Before that, we hope an official release date is announced soon!

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