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Stranger Things Season 3 Plot Explained With Cast Details

Stranger Things Season 3


  • Winona Ryder as Joyce Byer

  • David Harbour as Jim Hopper

  • Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler

  • Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven / Jane Hopper

  • Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson

  • Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair

  • Noah Schnapp as Will Byers

  • Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield

  • Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler

  • Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers

  • Joe Keery as Steve Harrington

  • Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove

  • Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley

  • Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair

  • Cara Buono as Karen Wheeler

  • Joe Chrest as Ted Wheeler

  • Andrey Ivchenko as Grigori

  • Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman

  • Cary Elwes as Larry Kline

  • Peggy Miley as Doris Driscoll

  • Jake Busey as Bruce Lowe

  • Francesca Reale as Heather Holloway

  • Michael Park as Tom Holloway

  • Alec Utgoff as Dr. Alexei

  • Yasen Peyankov as a Russian scientist

  • Rob Morgan as Officer Powell

  • John Reynolds as Officer Callahan

  • Arthur Darbinyan as Doctor Zharkov

  • Misha Kuznetsov as Commander Ozerov

  • Sean Astin as Bob Newby

  • Catherine Curtin as Claudia Henderson

  • Randy Havens as Scott Clarke

  • Will Chase as Neil Hargrove

  • Christopher Convery as young Billy

  • Jacey Sink as young Max

  • Beth Riesgraf as Billy’s mother

  • Gabriella Pizzolo as Suzie

  • Paul Reiser as Sam Owens


Season 3 Episode 1- Suzie Do You Copy?

Russians are working in an underground lab, and they have keys to turn on the reactor, and it starts working again. The reactor usually uses to open the passage which El closed previously. The experiment didn’t go well, and machine powers suddenly downs and made every bystander a toast. Russian commander granted them one year to redo the operation and be successful next time.

Now Eleven and Mike are dating and kissing each other, Hopper watching Television and wants to check on Mike and Eleven and saw them kissing. Soon Mike left El’s company and headed to meet his friends, and they are wandering in the shopping mall. They got late for the movie and sought help from Steve to get an illegal entrance into the theatre.

Suddenly the power comes down, and everything stops for a while, and the whole town is getting darker and darker. Rats are getting emerging at one place in a factory, and dust particles shaped into something. Will’s getting cold and having nightmares about Mind Flayer again. Jonathan and Nancy woke up late and hurried to their jobs. Now Dustin is getting back in the town after his vacation, and his toys are suddenly moving. He seems surprised as he can’t believe what’s happening around, and it was their friends who pranked with him. Billy comes out of his locker room as he is the swimming instructor of the local pool in the town.

Hopper greets Joyce in her shop, and he talks about Mike and Eleven’s time spending with each other more often. Nancy and Jonathan are working in a press company, and she got criticized for her work. Dustin exhibited his inventions and showed them Cerebro, which is a radio. He also confessed about her girlfriend Suzie, and they are heading to hear about his girlfriend.

Steve is getting flirty with customers and Robin trolling him again and again, ruling out his flirting methods. Joyce teaching Hopper to talk with El about the possible scenario she’s having with mike. While hiking for a potential signal, Mike and El ran away, and Will still feeling that something’s going wrong. Now rats are reaching in a factory, and they suddenly got burst up. Billy tried to hit on Mrs. Wheeler and invited her for a private time spending. The group set the radio antenna, and now Dustin is trying to communicate with Suzie. Joyce is thinking about Bob while watching Television, and Hopper wants to talk with Eleven and Mike.

Hopper told Mike that his mom called, and she wants him to go home, and he wants to talk to him in private. He talks about what’s going on between him and El, and he doesn’t want that. He will allow him to date El later, but not now, and Dustin is trying to get the signal and his friends accused of him lying about Suzie. Everybody left Dustin, and Russian Scientist Alexei is again working on the project. Mrs. Wheeler is getting ready for her date with Billy and then suddenly she decided to drop the plans, and suddenly Billy’s car stopped outside the factory. Someone grabbed his legs and starts dragging him and takes him to the factory.

Season 3 Episode 2- The Mall Rats

At the end of the initial episode, Billy got dragged into the factory, and now he somehow managed to escape. He reached a phone booth and called the police, and suddenly the line breaks out. Now someone is approaching him, and he saw a bunch of people along with himself. Now El is getting worried as mike is not around and she called him to check on him. He lied to her as her grandmother is sick and can’t come and followed what Hopper said to him. Hopper feels too happy after he finally gets rid of Mike and El’s case. He reached out to Joyce and thanked her for the efforts. He asked Joyce for the suddenly got a dispatch call to summon at the town hall.

Nancy is getting bullied at her office, and she wants to cover a story. Now Dustin comes to meet Steve, and they both seemed happy after meeting each other. Dustin told him about his girlfriend and his friends that they ditched him at the last moment. He secretly told him that he intercepted a secret Russian communication, and they could be heroes. El reached out to Max and told her about Mike’s situation, and Max suggests her to avoid him and ignore his calls and dump him.

On the other hand, Lucas and the company tried to provoke him and suggest him to talk to Eleven. Now Mrs. Wheeler tried to approach Billy and wants to apologize for ditching him at the last moment. Bill told her that she should stay away from her, and now as he got flayed, he doesn’t like to hear at all. He is facing hallucinations and about to faint near the poolside.

Now Dustin recorded the session of Russian, and Robin intervened between the two. She told them she could help them to decode the recorded message, and steve handed her the tape. Nancy and Jonathan are working on the story, and they want to collect information about the terror of rats. The lady assumed to caught a rat, and there is a protest outside the town hall.

Now Eleven and Max are hanging out, and they headed to the mall to enjoy their quality time. Mike and the company also arrived at the mall to collect something to offer an apology to Eleven, and she is purchasing clothes for her. Joyce reading about electromagnetic waves and she is confused about something, and he reached out to Will’s teacher to solve her problem. Jonathan is clicking photos of the rat, and nancy made some calls to extend her further inquiry. As Jonathan turned his back, the rat is agonizing and burst into pieces after they left, and slowly, the Goo starts moving.

Now Billy is facing Billy, and he told him to build what he sees, and then he is hallucinating the poolside. His body is getting rashed in the heat, and he proceeds to take a  shower and yelling loudly. Now El and Max are getting well gelled with each other, and Mike is looking at something for Eleven. Now Eleven and Max are enjoying to the fullest and Robin, Steve and Dustin trying to decode the message, and they cracked the first sentence- the week is long. Now Eleven and Max finally saw Mike and company, and they are kept on arguing.

Now Eleven dumped him, and finally, they moved on to the bus. Now Hopper is waiting for Joyce for their dinner date, and she’s not around. Joyce is pretty busy with her son’s teacher and understanding the concept of electromagnetic fields. Now they finally cracked the code, and it says the week is long the silver cat feeds when blue meets yellow in the west. Steve got the music from a toy horse, and it the exactly the same music in the recording. Steve speculates that code is not from Russia, but it comes from here. Now Hopper is all alone, and he is drinking alcohol. Now Billy is headed to the factory, and he takes Heather with him and takes her in. Now Heather also felt the presence of Mind Flayer as Will is now his puppet.

Season 3 Episode 3- The Case of Missing Lifeguard

Now El and Max getting gelled with each other, and she is asking her about Mike. Now Eleven is using her powers to spy on Mike, and they saw them hanging out, and Mike is talking about her treatment. Lucas farted, and El the simulation and Hopper arrived drunk and again suspected that Mike is getting close with Eleven again despite his warnings.

He opened the door and found Max with Eleven. Now he is enjoying himself and chilling on his sofa. Eleven and Max are playing games and looking for alternatives for a simulation. The bottle pointed out to Billy, and hence Eleven reached her out and found his car. She finds out that there is a girl on the floor and he is looking at her. He saw Eleven and vanished suddenly, and Eleven suspected something suspicious about him.

Will woke up his gang by playing music and fell into the character, and the gang is complaining that it’s too early for the drama. Now Hopper is getting sober and ready for his office, and suddenly, Joyce appeared at his doorstep. Joyce shows him that magnetic fields are not working anymore; magnetism is not happening and explains to him about her session with Scott. Hopper demands apology after she ditched their date, and Joyce keeps on talking about magnetic fields and tells him that the Lab is working again. Hopper keeps on insisting that she is scared of him and ignoring him with his date pattern. Joyce left his home, and she borrowed some tools from his storeroom.

Now Max and Eleven are heading to meet Billy as she felt that something is going on, and Max is explaining to her that Billy is getting physical with some girl. They are sneaking into his room, and Eleven saw some packets of Ice, and Max clarified that it’s for his muscles, and Eleven found out a whistle which ha bloodstains on it. Now Nancy and Jonathan are working on their story together, and she showed it to the editors in the firm. She explained to them fertilizers and pesticides are getting eaten by rats. She was criticized by the panel and made herself a joke with the fact, and they withdraw their story.

Now Robin is trying to decode the message, and Steve and Dustin are finding some Russian guy to prove his gang theory right on point. Dustin is talking about Steve’s Crush and mentions that Robin is her type, but Steve declined that Robin is not just his type. Now the gang is playing their favorite game, and suddenly the phone rings and Mike thought that it was from Eleven. Will is getting angrier, and he left the game and yelled at them and suddenly changed his behavior.

Mike told him to stop, and its raining outside and Will accused him of not involving and Mike replied that it’s not his fault that he doesn’t like girls, Will left the place on his bicycle. Eleven and Max reached the community center pool and wants to return the whistle to the owner. The staff members ruled out the presence of Heather, and they start every shower in the place. Now Eleven is trying to reach her with her powers and using her photograph as a source. Eleven says he saw the door, and Heather is drowning in a bathtub, and she saw her and getting frightened.

Now Hopper and Joyce are heading to Lab to check the outcomes of the magnetic field, and Hopper called for someone. Joyce is having visions about the past experiences with Bob and how he got killed. CCTV is working in the Lab, and Dustin is examining the surroundings and find something useful. They both think that they finally find out the evil Russian with a duffle bag.

But the guy turned out to be an aerobics teacher who wants to give a demo and suddenly a package arrived for Robin. She cracked the code of Silver cat as the delivery agent is the silver cat, and a trip to china sounds nice and cracked the whole code. She told Dustin and Steve that she cracked the code, and meanwhile, Nancy got pranked by her seniors. Nancy comes to a conclusion, and now she wants to offer the proof to them, and she wants to bring Driscol’s rats. Now Hopper and Joyce are examing the surroundings, and they found a wall covering. Joyce is again getting the visions of her past, and still, she suspected that something is going on.

Hopper and Joyce are having a funny conversation, and suddenly they heard a voice coming from somewhere, they followed the lead and found a door opened. Mike and Lucas approached Will’s house to apologize, and it looks like Will is also not there, and he spent his time in a treehouse. He again got some gut feeling that someone is getting back to haunt him like in her past.

He tore the photos of his group and triest to destroy the treehouse. Nancy and Jonathan approached Mrs. Driscol home and knocking at her door, and Nancy entered the house like thieves. They both proceeded to the basement where the rat was placed, and they saw Mrs. Driscol eating fertilizers. Now, Steve, Robin, and Dustin are outside a facility, and they are checking out the activities going on there. Suddenly their cover got blown, and guards are looking for them.

On the other hand, Hopper was examing the Lab and knocked on a door. A guy takes Hoper from behind, and suddenly, brawl shifts among them, and he made Hopper unconscious, and Joyce found him. She saw a man left on his bike, Eleven and Max reached out to the home of Heather and Billy are having dinner with Heather’s family. El greeted him and looking for Heather, and then suddenly, she appeared there. Billy is getting all the visions of Mind Flayer destroyed by Eleven, and Will felt his presence. Will told the group that Mind Flayer is back, and they proceed with their dinner after the interruption. Janet got unconscious, and Heather struck his father with a bottle, and they target them for getting flayed.

Season 3 Episode 4- The Sauna Test

Thunder rumbling, and Elven is brushing her teeth and suspecting something strange with Billy. Max comforted her and told her that there is nothing to worry about and explained to her that Heather had a fever, so she didn’t been to her job. Eleven asked about Billy and then seeing the comics of wonder woman. Now Mrs. Driscol is tied by Nancy and Jonathan and sent to the hospital in the ambulance. Now Heather’s father, Tom, is all tied up along with her wife Janet and Heather approached them. He told Heather to stop it, but Heather declined it, and they left them for getting flayed. Now Mind Flayer is approaching them, and he flayed them both.

Now Hopper wakes up in Joyce’s house, and he starts vomiting, and Joyce giving him his medications. Hopper is insisting ongoing and finding the thug who attacked him, and Joyce wrote the license plate of his bike.  Lucas called for the code red, and Max shuts the walkie talkie, and Mike called her on the phone. Now Lucas is trying to reach Dustin, who was carefully observing the facility. Steve and Robin, alongside Dustin making a plan to sneak into the facility.

Dustin reminded him of his previous fights with Billy and Jonathan and tried to prove the point that he can’t beat Russians. Now Tom is flayed, and he is having a conversation with Nancy and Jonathan. He yelled at them for their crimes, which they were committed, and they are talking about the plague. He fired them for their antics regarding their story, and the gang was discussing the presence of Mind Flayer. Will openly talked about his presence and clarified the facts that he is finally back. Eleven said that she closed the gate, and Will said that he never left and traped himself with this world.

Will explained that there is still a part of him living inside him and some more parts to it. Hopper reached out to the Mayor and wants to know the name of the guy who rode the motorcycle, and he came to meet him in his office. Hopper blackmailed him with some previous crimes that he committed. But he told him that he found him drinking at the time of duty and Hopper broke his nose and wanted to ask about the guy, and he told him that he works for Starcourt. Hopper wants to know why they wanted this land, and the Mayor warned him about these people.

Now Nancy and Jonathan are still talking about Mrs. Driscol’s condition, and they are arguing on their job. Now they both had some complications with their understanding and on the verge of breakup. Now Robin has blueprints of the facility, and she pointed out for the air ducts, which could be the passage to the entrance of the facility.

Steve pushing Dustin and wanted him to enter the air ducts, but Robin came up with another idea to take Luca’s sister into the air ducts. Now Mike and Gang are looking around the pool, and they are looking for some more clues about the presence of Mind Flayer. Mike told him that they want to lure Billy into the spa room and wanted to check whether he got flayed or not.

They offered some ice cream to Erica and lured her to reach out to the air ducts and open the gates of the facility. Dustin lured her into doing it for the country, not for them, and she wants free ice cream for life. Now Hopper takes Mayor to his home and wants to know what’s going around in the town. He told him that they want some land, but they didn’t mention the reason.

Joyce read the map and connect all the dots of the possibility that they turned on the machine just one more time. Nancy told everything to her mom, and now the gang is looking to implement their plan. Mike came to know the fact that Eleven spied on her, and Erica traveled the air ducts and finally managed to enter the facility, and she signaled for free ice cream for life.

Now Billy is taking a shower, and the gang wants their plan an utmost priority, and they start playing with him. They tried to lure him into the spa room and finally managed with an effigy and Locked him in the spa room, and they keep on changing the temperature of the room. He found her sister Max with the conspiracy to lure him into the room, and Nancy arrived at the hospital, and she wants to meet Mrs. Driscol and disguised herself as her granddaughter. She is carefully reading her reports and, on the other hand, Steve and the company exploring the facility. They found some chemicals, and suddenly something starts shifting and its the room which is moving. Mrs. Driscol’s vitals are getting dropped, and Billy yelling at kids to let him out of there.

They are doing sauna tests on him and check whether he got flayed or not, and he talked about the Mind Flayer itself. He confessed everything, and Will is feeling Mind Flayer, and Billy managed to open the door, and Mind Flayer is getting out of his body. At the same time, Mrs. Driscol is getting starting roaring, and Billy finally face to face with Eleven. She tried to suffocate him with Gym rod, and Billy managed to pull it out, and he lifted Eleven in the air. Later on, Mike hit him with the rod, and then Eleven lifted him in the air with her powers. Billy managed to run away, and now the gang knows about him. He approached Heather and tell her everything, and Mind Flayer already has its army prepared.

Season 3 Episode 5- The Flayed

Now Elevator is getting down, and Steve and Company are screaming like Hell and want to find the button to stop it. Erica states some facts that she wants to be at Tina’s, and Dustin suggested that they should climb and go back. After exploring the height, they dropped the idea. Now Hooper and Joyce are in pursuit of Russian who struck Hopper very hard and almost killed him.

They got his whereabouts and reached his place and start exploring to find him. After some moments, they didn’t find anything to buy Joyce, some voices that were coming down from the bed, and there was a secret passage beneath it. Now the Russian is riding on his bike and about to reach the place. Hopper and Joyce found two Russians who are working there and start asking some questions from them, and they can’t understand English, and suddenly the Russian arrived with a gun in his hand.

Hopper and Joyce tied up the Russians and pointed the gun at Russian, and he starts playing mind games with him, and suddenly, a brawl starts between them. Russian starting to beat Hopper, but somehow they managed to leave the place with a Russian scientist. Joyce is driving Hopper’s car, and Russian starts shooting at it, and somehow they managed to escape. Nancy calling Jonathan, and she told him everything to him and ask for his brother to get him on the phone and warned him to be safe. Now Joyce is asking questions from Russian Scientist about the magnetic field effect.

They are sticking in the woods, and their car got malfunctioned, and suddenly its got exploded. They start walking, and now Eleven tried to reach out Hopper with her powers. The gang is talking about El, and Max and Nancy reached out to the gang. Dustin is talking on Walkie and talking about Code Red, and Steve interrupted him eventually. Now some workers in the facility are roaming, and they are collecting the chemicals boxes and Steve and Gang hiding on the upper part of the lift. Steve managed to let the door open somehow, and then there’s a long way to go.

Now Nancy told the gang that she saw the same thing and proved her theory of Mind Flayer. They told them about Heather, and they are heading right away, and Russian found the exploded car of Hopper. He is looking for traces and trying to find out their whereabouts. Alexei, the Russian Scientist starting to run and Hopper following him and he found a store.

Now Hopper is looking to take someone’s car who came fo refuel and takes his vehicle with a justified reason for Police emergency. Now Steve and Company are roaming around the facility, and they keep on walking and discussing the chemicals. Now again, Walkie has the same message, and Nancy reached out to Heather’s home to investigate further. They are connecting all the dots and concluding all the facts that they got tied and taken somewhere else. Nancy drew out there is a source where the flaying is getting somewhere from a source.

Russian reached out to the store owner and wants to know what Hopper told him. They reached the house of Murray and completed the facial recognition. Murray came out with a gun and confronted them and takes them in later. He keeps on scanning them and wants to confirm that they are harmless. Joyce explained the whole episode to Murray, and they take Alexei to him because he knows Russian.

Now Steve and company lurking in the facility and got spotted by someone, Erica spotted the Comms room and wants them to lead there. Somehow they got entered, and Steve engaged in a brawl and beat the Russian. Robin heading upstairs and felt something unusual, and she told the gang to have a look. They are watching the wall piercing, and Now Nancy is coming to meet Mrs. Driscol with the gang and receptionist allowed two visitors at a time.

Now both Nancy and Jonathan issues apology to each other, and then they headed for Mrs. Driscol’s room. They found that she is not there, and suddenly Tom enters his room, and now he is going to kill both Nancy and Jonathan. Bruce is also got flayed and following both of them, and El and Mike are having a conversation.

They both were followed by Tom and Bruce, and they tried to kill them, but somehow both managed to kill Tom and Bruce with Fire extinguisher and Scalpel, respectively. But they suddenly turned into Goo and started following Nancy as she was close to him. Now we can see a mini version of Mind Flayer roaring at Nancy and wants to kill her.

Season 3 Episode 6- E Pluribus Unum

Russians are working to pierce the gate, and Dustin and Gang are concluding some facts, and the unconscious Russian finally reveals that there are intruders. The Guards are following them, and somehow Steve and Robin let Dustin and Erica escape and got caught themselves.

As it happened, the bodies of Tom and Bruce turned into Goo, and suddenly they converted into a mini beast and starts following Nancy. But somehow Eleven rescued them and took Mind Flayer out of the hospital after Will told that he is feeling Mind Flayer. After getting its defeat, Mind Flayer moved out into the sewers, and in the end, he met the army and joined them. Now Heather and Billy got signaled to do his unfinished business. Now Mayor is busy in the preparations of the Fair, and he saw Russian over there. He threatened him and told him that the wants the whereabouts of Hopper and Russian scientist Alexei.

Hopper bought some food for them, and Joyce is asking some questions from Alexei. He complains that Slurpee is strawberry, and he demanded cherry. He demanded in return of the information, and Hopper lifted him and freed him and give him the keys. Hopper states the fact that he is scared of his own people, and he could get killed, and Alexei hopped into the car, and then he just wants to go and take the car and ran away but stopped there. Now Erica and Dustin are arguing about previous meetings with Demogorgon and Mind Flayer.

Now Steve is getting interrogated by Russians and beaten badly, and he told them everything. He told them that they could leave him as no one noticed them entering the facility. Russians keep on asking him who does he work for and made him unconscious. Now Both Robin and Steve tied together, and Russians are asking questions from Robin, and she spat at General. Now Eleven is using her powers, and she is exploring the source, and she keeps on walking in his vision. She is looking for Heather and Billy and failed many times.

Nancy and others are discussing the source, and Mike denied that he couldn’t risk El’s life. He stated the fact that all are using her like a machine, and she is not a machine. Alexei revealed everything to Hopper and group, and now Murray and he talking about the keys. Alexei told them that they were penetrating a hole and breaking through a barrier to open. Simply a doorway, Hopper, and Joyce getting the point he is talking about. He keeps on stating the fact that the gate is opening.

Hopper asks Alexei about the way to turn off the keys, and he can’t do that as he was already exposed. He tells them that the key is an underground fortress designed by the Russians. Now Dustin and Erica reached the room filled with chemicals, and they got the van, and Dustin found the keys. Now Steve and Robin are checking on each other, and they are getting gelled with each other.

They both trying to reach the scissors as they both have to jump at the same time to reach the target, but they got failed. Robin starts laughing, and Steve getting surprised, and Robin said she couldn’t believe that she will be going to die in a Russian facility. Robin told him the things about their childhood and talked about many things. Russians came and gave them sedatives to extract the truth from them. Eleven is getting visions from her childhood, and Nancy insisting on the source.

Eleven is now trying again to reach out for Billy, and she is using her powers and interrupted by Mike. Now she reached out to Billy, who was sitting on his bed, and he touched her hands as Eleven wants to see what happened, and Billy doesn’t let her go, and she is getting the visions of Mind Flayer and Bodies. Now she reached the beach and told everyone that Billy is with her mother.

Max told them that it’s California and its memories, and Eleven said she is watching the source now. Hopper used the secure line and gave the message to the office, and Joyce stated the fact that kids are in danger, and she again called to the secure line and tell him to convey the message as soon as possible.

Now Robin and Steve getting high after the sedative, and they are talking happily, and they are not in their control. Now Russians back with another go, and this time, they brought some tools to extract the information. Robin revealed the fact that they cracked the code, and Steve told them about Dustin.

Eleven managed to know about the past of Billy and how his father treated his mother and him, and now he found the source of flayed. She told them that the Brimborn Steel factory is the source of Mind Flayer, and she gets all the visions while she was leaving. Now she found everybody disappeared, and she keeps on yelling, and Bill approaches her, and he told her that its Eleven who let us in.

Now everyone who got flayed wandering in the fair and he told her that they build an army for her. Eleven pushes her from her vision, and the army spawned at the factory and making Mind flayer bigger and bigger. Now Mind Flayer is a giant deadly beast who is looking for Eleven.

Season 3 Episode 7- The Bite

Now the Fair is going on with a full swing, and there are celebrations all around, and Mayor appeared at the stage to give the speech. Wheeler family enjoying the giant wheel, and then some pyrotechnics happened, and everybody enjoying the independence day. Mind Flayer is roaming down the woods. Eleven told the gang that he told her that he was building something and everyone concludes the fact that he is building his army. Eleven also told that he told her that he’s going to kill everybody.

Suddenly there’s a voice outside, and Nancy suspected that Mind Flayer is coming to them, and Will already felt his presence. The gang saw Mind Flayer hurling towards them, and Dustin rescued both Steve and Robin, and they get back to the facility door. Dustin asked them if they were drugged and ask about his car. Steve told him that Russians took the keys, and guards are about to confront them.

Now Nancy is getting her gun, and they are preparing for Mind Flayer’s arrival. Everybody is expecting him, and he suddenly comes and takes down Jonathan after some strikes. He nearly tried to flayed Nancy, but Eleven stopped him, and now she is up against him and confronting him in a better way. Somehow he tried to pull her but stopped by Nancy as she shots his face.

Lucas attacks Mind Flayer with an axe and eventually saved by him. Now he is roaring at him, and Eleven tore it apart. Everyone departed the home and trying to move away as possible, and Flayer got badly injured. Dustin and group entered in the theatre for the cover, Steve and Robin still doped.

Alexei showed them the location of the keys and mentioned that there are two keys. There’s a vault, and Plank’s constant is the passcode for the vault. Hopper and Joyce keep on arguing about the fact that they have to try much harder and don’t depend upon the military. Murray stops their conversation and states some facts and starts joking with Alexei. Now Eleven and the company reached a convenience store, and they want to heal the wounds of her. Max wants to do it, and Nancy and Jonathan suspected that the bigger part was made up of flayed people.

Lucas and Mike are observing fireworks and want to kill the thing with some bombs. Suddenly Dustin is talking on the Walkie and telling everything to Mike, but his voice is breaking. When he came back, he saw both Steve and Robin got disappeared, and they headed outside the theatre and drinking water and gazing at the ceiling like a sky full of stars. Now they are getting back to normal, and Hopper reached at Fair. He is looking for children, and Joyce accompanied him, and they are wandering in the fair and looking for them. Mayor spotted Hopper and called the Russian, and Mike is again using her powers to find something and interrupted by Lucas and Mike’s discussion, and she found Dustin.

Now Steve and Robin are getting back to normal, and they are asking each other some questions to check on each other. Steve told her about Dustin’s girlfriend, and then he proceeds to talk about his love life. He is talking about Robin, and then she told him the truth that she had a crush on someone else. She had a crush on Tammy Thompson, who was the girlfriend of Steve at that time. Steve finally comes to know that Robin is interested in girls. Now Dustin comes to them, and they are laughing badly, and Billy reached the store where Eleven and the gang were stayed to treat her wounds.

Alexei told Murray that destroy the machine as there are chances that it could be used again. Now Murray takes him to the Fair, and they are enjoying some games. Joyce greeted Karen and ask about the whereabouts of children. Steve told Dustin that they told his name, and now guards are looking for them, and suddenly, they got spotted, and they are following them. Alexei having a nice game of popping balloons and won a looney toll as a prize. But suddenly the Russian comes, and he shots Alexei and Murray reached out to him as soon as he saw him. Now Hopper is face to face with Russians as they are following them, and Hopper sends Joyce in a different direction.

Now Russians are on the tale of Hopper, and they are running riot to find him and to kill him. Murray finds Joyce, and she found Alexei blooded, and he died, and Joyce struck Larry very hard. Now the Russian is behind Hopper, and he enters the mirror maze looking for Hopper. Hopper saved himself by shooting him and getaway in the car. Now on the radio, Russians talking about they found the children in the mall, and Eleven and the gang reached the mall. Eleven is feeling strange, and she heard voices, and suddenly her leg has something coming out from it.

Season 3 Episode 8- The Battle of Starcourt

Now Joyce is driving towards the mall, and Eleven is screaming with pain, and Jonathan picked up some knives to take out the part of Mind Flayer from her body. He takes out the part by cutting through her legs and get his hand into it and taking out the part. But El denied and taking out herself with her powers and then suddenly Hopper and Joyce appeared there. The gang told Joyce and Hopper about the Mind Flayer and Murray telling him about the plan, and Eric interrupted him, and then Dustin proceeds to tell the plan.

Hopper takes the guns of Russians and wants to infiltrate the facility. Dustin told him that they need high frequency, and his tower could do the trick, and all they need is a car to travel. Hopper gives the car to him, and Steve is driving them to the hilltop to use Cerebro for higher connections. Joyce told will that she got his back, and she can do everything to save him, and Hopper greets with Eleven, and he wants her to be safe. Now Hopper talks to Mike about being careful and takes care of Eleven. Now they are heading to the facility with the map made by Alexei, and they are following it. On the other hand, Nancy and others are heading somewhere, and Nancy’s car doesn’t turn on, and suddenly Billy appeared there.

Nancy told everybody to get out of the car and take the entrance in the mall, and Hopper took the lift. They are discussing the plan and want to be disguised as Russians. Murray used his Russian skills to hold the guards, but Hopper killed them with machinery guns. Now Hopper is disguised as Russians, and Steve is heading them to the hilltop. Dustin told him to take a left turn and takes the car uphill, and their car stops, and they have to be on foot.

Mike is talking on the radio for the emergency and the gang thinking of driving the showpiece car. Eleven helped them in lifting the car to its correct position and  Hopper and stopped by a guard on the gate who gave them access to the facility after some jokes. Now Dustin reached the Cerebro, and Murray told him that he reached the vent. He entered into it, and the gang is trying to lift the car into its position and somehow managed to do it. Eleven is checking her powers, and her powers are not working anymore for a reason.

Will again sense the Mind Flayer, and there was noise all around the mall, and he is on the rooftop. He shattered the glass and entered the mall, and now the Russians who were behind Hopper reached the facility. Joyce and Hopper arguing about children’s safety and they are talking about the celebration afterward, they decided to go on a date.

Now Murray is heading into the vent, and he reached the junction and looking for directions. Mind Flayer picks up the Walkie and almost destroyed it, and Dustin keeps asking for their safety, now they are helpless as Eleven has no powers and Steve heading to take them. Now Mind Flayer is lurking around the mall to find the children. Mike, El, and Max tried to get away through the gaps, and Mind flayer felt their presence and start to hunt them.

Murray reached the point, and Mind Flayer is still looking for Trio who got separated, and Murray turns off the power. Lucas distracted the Flayer, and they managed to escape through the stairs. Now Hopper and Joyce are heading tot he points, and finally, they reached the passage through the key. Hopper tries to enter the Plank’s constant and retrieve the keys.

Now everything stuck on Plank’s constant, and Billy comes near the car of Jonathan and saved by Steve on the way. Now they Mind Flayer is on the roof of Starcourt, and he is following the group who are heading in a car. Now Dustin called her girlfriend Suzie, and he wants her help with the Plank’s constant, and she demanded a song for her. Now Mind Flayer is following them, and after the song ends, she told him the Plank’s constant and Hopper retrieved both the keys.

Now Billy gets out of his car, and he saw Eleven, Mike, and Max getting out of the mall, and even Mind Flayer turned his back to the mall. Now Murray stopped everything, and just the final touch is needed. Billy beats both Mike and Max and taking Eleven with him, and Hopper about to turn it off, and suddenly, Russian came in his way, and a brawl was started. Now Billy takes Eleven to the Mind Flayer, and he wants her to be flayed.

He appeared and approached Eleven, and suddenly gang starts firing crackers at him. Billy is getting weak as the Mind Flayer struck with crackers. Dustin keeps on repeating to close the gate, and Max wakes up and looking for Elven, and Eleven is facing Billy and said his mother’s words Seven Feet. Hopper finally managed to get rid of Russian, and on the other hand, the gang was fighting with Mind Flayer, and then Suddenly Billy turned against him and confronting him. Mind Flayer killed Billy with his arms, and Dustin keeps on repeating it to close it, and Hopper told Joyce to close it and sacrifice himself in the process. Mind Flayer got unstable after the gates closed and start burning.

Billy and Hopper died, and then the military came to rescue them from the Russians and cleared the facility. Eleven comes to know that Hopper died, and Mayor got arrested. Joyce shifted somewhere and took Eleven with her. Everybody is mocking Dustin about him and Suzie. El is losing her powers, and she reads the letter that Hopper writes for her in the beginning. Now everyone bids farewell to Will and El and Hopper writing the letter which Eleven reads.

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