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The Nut Job 3: Do We Have Any Specific Release Date For This Animated Comedy Film?

The Nut Job is a heist-comedy 3D computer-animated movie and has two mind-blowing parts, The Nut Job and The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, till now. The film is produced by Graham Moloy and Woo-Kyung Jung, together with, Paul hunter as the film editor. Written and directed by Peter Lepeniotis.

The plot of the film is based on the story of Surly Squirrel, also written by Peter Lepeniotis, who gained massive fame for his work in this particular movie. The production companies involved in the making of this film are ToonBox Entertainment, Red Rover International and Gulfstream Pictures and is distributed amongst Open Road Films and Warner Bros.

The film made its debut on the screen by the release of its first part, The Nut Job, which was launched on January 11, 2014, in Los Angeles, January 17, 2014, in the US & Canada, and on January 29, 2014, in South Korea. This movie is the most expensive animated film co-produced by South Korea and made a worldwide box office collection of $ 120.9 million.

The country origin of this film is Canada, South Korea, and the United States and is available in the English Language, originally. The running time of the film is 86 minutes, and it holds a very interesting storyline. After the release of the first part, the coming of the sequel of the film was much awaited by the fans.
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So, after the first part of the film being such a success and receiving immense love by the public’s end, coming off its sequel was announced. The sequel of the film was launched after three years of the release of its first part and was broadcasted with the name of The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature, a story based on characters by Peter Lepeniotis.

The original launch of the film happened on August 11, 2017, with a running time of 91 minutes. The film is a 2017 American-Canadian-South Korean film, which released on October 31, 2017, on Digital and on November 14, 2017, on DVD and Blue Ray. The film received a lot of fame and appreciation and made a box office collection of $ 65.1 million.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature was under the direction of Cal Brunker and written by Scott Bindley, Bob Barlen, and Cal Brunker. Edited by Paul Hunter again, the sequel of the film was produced by Bob Barlen, Harry Linden, Jongsoo Kim, Sunghwan Kim, Youngki Lee, Lili Ma, and Jonghan Kim.

The sequel of the film is one of the popular animated movies and has an exciting storyline. With the second part’s release in 2017, the famous question asked by the fans of the movie is Whether the film will have a Third part or not? So, after a wait of 1 year, it was hinted by the crew of the show that the coming of a third part of The Nut Job is true!

Just a few months after the news on the third part’s arrival, the trailer of The Nut Job 3 came out on July 23, 2018. The teaser of the film was so loved that it crossed millions of views on YouTube in a matter of a week. With the news on the confirmation of the third part’s arrival, the enthusiasm of the fans had no limit.

Though the release dates are not out yet, it is still expected that the film will release sometime in 2020. It was also mentioned by a crew member that the presumable release date of The Nut Job 3 in United States could be December 19, 2020. However, with the lack of approval by the creators of the show on this news, it is not confirmed whether it is reliable or not.

Part 3: Voice over Cast and Characters

Will Arnett as Surly, a purple squirrel’s voice, Brendan Fraser as Grayson’s voice, another squirrel with the false impression of being the “park hero.” Together with Gabriel Iglesias as Jimmy’s voice who is a leader and a groundhog, Jeff Dunham voiced by Mole, who works for the raccoons and Liam Neeson as a Raccoon. The plot of the show mainly revolves around these characters, and the storyline is fantastic. All the characters are expected to be spotted in the upcoming part of the film, too, voiced by the same people.

The Nut Job: Plot

The first film’s storyline is based on the story of Sulry Squirrel, written by Peter Lepeniotis, whereas the sequel is based on the writing of Peter Lepeniotis, Characters by Lepeniotis. So, both the films follow a similar plot which is loved by the fans.
The plot of the show, being an animated comedy genre, revolves around tiny animals. The story is depicted to have characters like Raccoons, Squirrels, etc. The outline of the story of the past two parts being so unique, it is expected for the approaching part, which will presumably be the last part of the film, to also have a great plot.
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