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Deadwind Season 3: Here’s Everything We Know About The Upcoming Part

Directed by Rike Jokela, Deadwind is a Finnish language crime drama and Nordic noir T.V. series. The show was broadcasted on March 14, 2018, on its original network Yle TV2 in Finland. After a few months of its original release and Netflix receiving the license of its premiere, the show aired on Netflix in August 2018.
The series is a creation of Rike Jokela (also the director of the show), Kirsi Porkka, and Jari Olavi Rantala and is one of the popular crime shows worldwide. The show is created in the Finnish language as its country origin is Finland, and its shooting locations to involve corners of Helsinki in Finland.
The show producers are Riina Hyytiä and Jojo Uimonen, and its editor is Judai Lehto. The series is a crime drama Nordic noir genre television show, and its production company is Dionysos Films H&V Production. The creators of the show have given two mind-blowing seasons of this crime series till now, comprising of 20 episodes in total, all being equally wonderful.
Both seasons hold a similar yet unique storyline, where the first season consists of 12 episodes, and the second season comprises of 8 episodes with a running time of 44 minutes each. After the first season’s release in March 2018, the show gained huge popularity, and the second season’s premiere followed. The latest season of the series was aired on April 5, 2020, with the first episode’s title named “Whisper of the stars.”

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After the release of the latest season of Deadwind in April and its completion on May 24, 2020, the only popular question asked by the fans was, Is there going to be a third season for this series? Well, it is expected, so even though there haven’t been any official announcements made by Yle TV2 or Netflix regarding this, considering how the story was left with twists and turns at the end of season 2.
It doesn’t seem believable that the show will be ended this way. Therefore, it is expected that the coming of a new season will be confirmed soon by Netflix or Yle TV2, and season 3 will be renewed shortly. However, the reason behind no updates on this matter could be because of the ongoing pandemic situation, leading to a delay in the production of the coming season.

Deadwind: Plot Of The Show 

The storyline of the show mainly revolves around a homicide detective named Sofia Karrpi, working in the Police department of Helsinki. The plot starts with Sofia returning to her job and continuing to live a normal life with her two children, after experiencing the unfortunate death of her husband in an accident.
Returning to the job, Sofia meets with her new partner, Sakari Nurmi. Nurmi is also a detective and has recently been transferred to the homicide unit to be Sofia’s partner. With struggling to manage between her job and the tragedy of losing her husband, Sofia tries to be a caring mother to her children too.
More drama and crime follow in the story as Sofia is given her first case after returning to the job. The case is a homicide, a girl named Anna who has suddenly disappeared is found to be murdered by someone and buried with flowers.
Karrpi and her partner Nurmi, work on the case further and investigate all about Anna’s background. The plot of the show is very interesting, especially for people with a keen interest in the mystery and crime genres. With the second season’s plot and ending being so great, it is expected for the upcoming third season to hold a wonderful storyline and be as great as the past seasons.

Season 3: Anticipated Cast Members

Starring Pihla Viitala playing the lead role of Sofia Karppi, Lauri Tilkanen as Sakari Nurmi and Jani Volanen portraying Usko Bergdahl, these characters are frequently spotted in the show. Together with, Eedit Patrakka playing Armi Bergdahl, Pamela Tola as Anna Bergdahl (Armi’s family relation), Tommi Korpela as Alex Hoikkala, Riku Nieminen portraying Roope Hoikkala.
Pirjo Lonka playing the role of Julia Hoikkala, Jonna Järnefelt as Linda Hoikkala, Noa Tola portraying Emil Karppi, Raimo Grönberg playing Tapio Koskimäki, Mikko Nousiainen as Jarkko Vaahtera and Mimosa Willamo’s role played by Henna Honkasuo. The plot of the show revolves around a lot of cast members and characters, who are all expected to be seen in the possible upcoming part of the series too.
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