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Netflix’s Connected Season 1: Initial Season Details

Streaming giant Netflix is no stranger to new and innovative shows and series that they have introduced over the years to keep subscribers entertained throughout. It seems like many new interesting shows are coming on the streaming service this August and you just cannot miss them.

Netflix’s New Show Titled Connected Is All About Joining The Missing Dots! Here’s What We Know.

Amongst these new shows that are all lined up for August release, is the extremely innovative and intriguing show titled, Connected! As the name suggests, the show is all about connections with each and everything in the world! How? Let’s find that out.

Science Host Latif Naseer Takes Us On An Interesting Journey In The Show! Have a Look.

Science reporter and host Latif Naseer go around the world and takes viewers on an interesting tour explaining how each and every particle might be connected and it’s all the join in the dots! Don’t believe us? Well, all you need to do is quickly take a look at the official trailer given right here! Here’s a glimpse of what’s it all about in the show.

With the first season looking interesting enough with theories and crazy finds that will definitely blow you mind away. Also, don’t forget about the humor that also how’s around. We also heard the name of the iconic pop star Beyonce as well! So, it’s a whole lot of fun, and science fanatics might love this show after all! It’s whole of traveling, fun and you can learn loads of interesting facts about technology which will make you all the smarter!

The New Netflix Show Is All About Crazy Science Facts And Much More!

So, join host Latif Naseer has he goes on to decode some of the biggest mysteries of the world. The show is all set to premiere on the streaming service on 2nd August! With the looks of it, you sure won’t be disappointed. It might explore how the clouds might be connected to the cloud in our phone! Interesting right! Don’t forget to see the show. We sure are excited.

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