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Netflix’s The Great Heist Season 1: What We Know So Far

Streaming giant Netflix is bringing forth brand new back to back shows to keep subscribers entertained during his quarantine. Netflix is back with a new Columbian series titled The Great Heist! Let us take a look at all the details of this new upcoming series.

Don’t Miss Out On The Upcoming Columbian Series, The Great Heist! Here’s What We Know.

The series which is all set to debut in the streaming giant this August is loosely based on a true event that happened back in October 1994. This surely makes it all the more interesting for fans. While fans are already hooked to various heist series, this one is also highly anticipated by subscribers. Netflix is all geared up with this new heist which is too complicated than one can even imagine!

The Brand New Series Is Coming This August! Have a Look.

The series which will have sex episodes will follow the story of fourteen robbers as they steal 24 billion Columbian pesos from the Bank of the Republic, Columbia’s central bank in Valledupar. The heist was an elaborate plan with tools, machines, and masks involved in the mix! Take a look at the exclusive teaser released by Netflix to give a glimpse of what’s ahead in this heist.

The heist shocked people all around the world due to the elaborate planning and notorious aftermath that followed. Apparently, the robbers entered through the main gate disguised as people from the air conditioning maintenance. Later after the investigation, it was discovered that several people were  involved in this heist. The notorious team behind the resist consisted of as many as 26 people!

The Series Is Loosely Based On True Events!

Moreover, the Columbian series is going to air on the streaming giant on 14th August. While fans are no strangers to the big heist shows that proved to be big hits over the years, we hope this one also grand onto the subscribers’ attention. By the looks of it, the series does look promising enough. So, we hope 14th August comes soon enough. Another heist with another thrill ride this time for fans.

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