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Selling Sunset Season 3: What Could Happen In Third Edition?

Real estate is not boring anymore and Netflix made sure of that! The glamorous reality show Selling Sunsets season 3 is finally here! The third season finally all set to stream on Netflix and here are all the exclusive details!

Netflix Hit Reality TV Series, Selling Sunsets Season 3 Is All Set To Stream!

After two back to back seasons of selling breathtakingly beautiful houses and loads of the drama in between, the gang is back with more houses to sell and even more drama this time. Expect this season to be a lot more controversial than before. Here’s a small peek into all that’s going to happen in season 3!

The Hit Netflix Reality Show Is Going To Be Back With All The Drama And Fallouts! Have a Look.

The third season is all set to steam on 7th August, so it’s not that far behind and we need to get all the updates! While the last season was all about an extravagant wedding ceremony and Christine Quinn’s extravagant engagement party, this time is so going to be about one of the most hush-hush divorces! So, expect a beautiful wedding, some close confessions and friends falling out and much more in season 3!

No point for guessing as we are talking about Chrishell and This Is Us star Justin Hartley calling it quits and it might take the center stage this time!
It was pretty difficult for Chrishell who was utterly humiliated and heartbroken and upset after the split and was not quite on board to be in the set and talk about it. However, she finally did open up about it.

Chrishell And Justin Hartley’s Divorce Might Take Centre Stage This Time On Season 3!

The divorce surely took fans by surprise and was totally uncalled for and this third season might give fans some insight into it. Don’t forget to see all the drama that was going on from the second season onwards between Christine and Mary. Will the fallout be mended and the two friends might reunite for good? We will find that out once the third season streams on Netflix on 7th August! We surely can’t wait!

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