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Stargate Universe Season 3: Any Chance Left For The Renewal Of The Series?

Its been a very long time when the second season of the military sci-fi series Stargate Universe released on Syfy. It was ended on a cliffhanger and there are still some questions which are left unanswered. Now fans are expecting for a third season to occur. So below are all the details for the third season of Stargate Universe, keep reading

Renewal Status

We have bad news for the fans, the military sci-fi series Stargate Universe is not renewed for a third season and Syfy decided to cancel the series. It was announced back in 2011 that it will be the final season. Unfortunately, the suspense that was left by the second season will not be solved for the fans.

So, in the end, we have to say that Stargate Universe will not return for a third season on Syfy.

Stargate Universe
Source: Syfy

Reason For Cancelation

So Syfy decided to cancel Stargate Universe for a third season back in 2011 because it was not able to attract more audiences. There was also fall in the ratings of the series so the network decided to not order a third season and just cancel the series. Usually, a network first analyzes the ratings and viewership and then order new season. So that’s the reason Syfy chose to cancel the sci-fi series for a third season.

About Stargate Universe

Back in 2010, Syfy came up with the Military science fiction series titled Stargate Universe. It is set in the Stargate franchise created by Roland Emmerich, and Dean Devlin. The series is made by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper who are also the executive producers alongside Carl Binder. The series tells about the story of soldiers and commoners who are stuck on a spaceship and now they are struggling to survive and want to get back to Earth.

The series cast stars like Robert Carlyle as Nicholas Rush, Louis Ferreira as Everett Young, Brian J. Smith as Matthew Scott, Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong, David Blue as Eli Wallace, Alaina Huffman as Tamara Johansen, etc.

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