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Peacock’s Hitman: Release Date, Cast And Storyline

It seems like the popular English comedians Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc has a big plan to entertain fans, and it does not have anything to do with baking this time! The two are all set with a dark comedy series, Hitmen.

Don’t Forget To Watch The Dark Comedy Titled Hitmen Exclusively On Peacock! Here’s What We Know.

When asked about the plot, the comedian explained how the initial plan was to make it about two young men. However, they suggested how about this time it is about two middle-aged, tired women! These women will not be in the most splendid shape or style, but how about they go for it. The first look is pretty hilarious and is all about girl power; in this case, more!

The Official Trailer Is Out Now! Have a Look At It!

As the trailer suggests, kidnapping people and going to the work of a hitman is definitely easy for these two friends. This dark comedy is all set to stream on Peacock, the newly launched streamer by NBC. As the trailer promises being an assassin is not easy! Take a look at the super cool trailer that has been launched by Peacock.

The story follows the story of two best friends Fran and Jamie, who happen to be contract killers. However, sometimes they also discuss their day to day mundane events as well. The small instances in the office trailer are pretty hilarious as one of them haggles with the credit card company while they also try to do their job as contract killers!

The Hitmen Are Two Middle-Aged Buddies, And The Outcome Is Hilarious!

Sue Perkins has defined the whole experience as joyful. She basically explained further how she got to spend the time with her best mate and occasionally do some stunts in between! The two have a strong partnership that spans almost twenty years! So, don’t forget to watch the crazy escaped of these two women who have taken up a difficult task as assassins. It sure would be a fun-filled riot! We sure will give it a try!

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