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Warrior Nun Season 2: Clarification On Its Return For Sequel Season And Other Major Updates !

A Netflix original Supernatural Fiction Television series, Warrior Nun, is created by Simon Barry. It is one of the famous American fantasy drama series, which premiered on July 2, 2020, on its original network. This fantasy and occult detective genre television show is based on the comic book character Warrior Nun Areala, written by Ben Dunn.
The production company of this series is Reality Distortion Field, along with Netflix as its distributor. Produced by Zack Tucker Gangnes, Todd Girour, Matt Bosack, and Peter Welter Soler, the story of Warrior Nun was initially thought to be made into a film; however, considering various factors, the crew decided to make a fantasy series on this story, instead.
The country origin of Warrior Nun is the United States, whereas the shooting locations of the Show involve various corners of Spain. The series is initially developed in the English language and is available on Netflix with subtitles in other languages as well.

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The executive producers of this superhero fantasy series are Simon Barry, Jet Wilkinson, Stephen Hegyes, Robert Burke, and Dean English. They have successfully given one season of this Show till now. The first and only season of this popular Netflix series comprises of 10 episodes, with a running time of 37-50 minutes each. The Show has received huge fame, mainly because of its content and amazing depiction of action scenes.
This supernatural fantasy drama genre made its debut on Netflix, with the release of its first season’s first episode “Psalms 46:5” in July 2020. Later Netflix released all ten episodes of the first season of Warrior Nun on the same day. The series is narrated by Alba Baptista, together with a trendy Portuguese actress in the lead role. After the release of the latest and prime season of this series, the only popular question by the fan’s end was, Will there be a second season of Warrior Nun?
Well, given how this series is a Netflix original and considering Netflix’s past pattern of renewing its shows, it is not very clear as to when the upcoming season will release, given how the first season has aired just a few weeks back. However, it was recently mentioned by Simon Barry, the creator and executive producer of the show, that the writing team of Warrior Nun is currently working on the second part of this series. Therefore, with no clear announcements on the renewing of a second season, the coming of another part can only be hopeful and not surely expected.

The plot of the Show: 

The series is an Occult Detective, Supernatural, Fantasy, Drama, Superhero genre holds a very interesting storyline. Based on the character Warrior Nun Areala, written by Ben Dunn, the plot centres around a 19 years old girl, Ava, narrated by Alba Baptista, who one day wakes up in Morgue.
Ava finds a new lease on life as she wakes up with an artefact defined in her back. The plot of the Show moves further ahead as Ava becomes a part of an Ancient Order, which is set to fight demons on Earth to save humanity. With Ava fighting against the demons, powerful forces of both heaven and hell, try to get her in their control. With the first part of the Show being such a success, it is expected that the possible upcoming season will also hold an amazing storyline and pick up from where the latest one left off.

Warrior Nun: Cast And Characters

Starring Alba Baptista as Ava Silva, the narrator of the series, Toya Turner playing the role of Sister Mary, popular with the name of Shotgun Mary in the Show, Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice, Lorena Andrea playing the role of Sister Lilith, Thekla Reuten portraying Jillian Salvius and Tristan Ulloa as Father Vincent, these are the major characters and cast members of Warrior Nun, season 1.
The Show has other frequently spotted characters too, like Peter de Jersey as Kristian Schaefer, Olivia Delcán portraying Sister Camila, Lope Haydn Evans playing the role of Michael Salvius, Dimitri Abold as Randall, Joaquim de Almeida as Cardinal Francisco Duretti, Emilio Sakraya portraying JC, Charlotte Vega playing Zori, Sylvia De Fanti depicted as Mother Superion and May Simón Lifschitz as Chanel. The series Warrior Nun has a very famous and talented casting crew, which makes the Show even more interesting in the fans’ eyes.

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