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Drake Has Most Top 10 Hits In Music History

As of now, reports said that Drake surpassed every musician and even surpassed Madonna. He has the record of making the top 10 singles and that too in the chart. It is the record that is created in the past 62 years of history. It is the same as his tattoos. Drake has various tattoos on his body, and this is the most amazing and unique thing about him. So, everyone comparing his tattoos with his music.

The full name of Drake is Aubrey Drake Graham. He was born on October 24th, 1986. He is a Canadian, rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and he is also an entrepreneur. He is a prominent figure, and he is very popular in the music industry. He also worked in TV series and working in a teen drama, and this series aired on Tv. He wants to pursue his career in music. This is the reason why this singer left the Tv series and became a musician. He aired his two future projects, and the first is comeback season and so far, gone before start singing for the entertainment that is young money entertainment and that too in June 2009.

Here is the list of top 10 musicians and Drake stand on the first position out of all

How Well Do You Know Drake's 40 Top 10 Hits? Take Our 20-Question ...
Source: BillBoard.com

Drake- 40


The Beatles-34


Michael Jackson-30

Mariah Carey-28

Stevie Wonder-28

Janet Jackson-27

Elton John-27

Lil Wayne-25

Elvis Presley -25

Taylor Swift-25

This is the score of all top 10 musicians that they scored on the billboard and that too out of 100. Drake is in the first position, and he got the highest tally out of 100; he got 40 out of 100.  Even he also left Madonna behind. Madonna stands on the second position, and she got 38 out of 100. This is the reason that people are comparing him with his tattoos. The band of British get 34 out of 100 and they are also in top 10.

Drake did not post about anything about his achievements and this is the reason why he is enjoying his success but he doesn’t want to reveal it to the public as the public knows everything about that.

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