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Jacob Elordi: Is The ‘Kissing Booth’ Star Dating Someone? Zendaya Dating Rumors?

Zendaya and Jacob Elordi have been in rumours that they are debating each other but it is a rumour and it is not confirmed yet from either side. They both also hit the Euphoria together and when it comes to the relationship and that too romantic relationship. They both are in a relationship until they hit Euphoria together.

The teen drama that aired on HBO Tv series, both the actors work in this TV series as a high school athlete that is Nate Jacobs who is Elordi and the 17-year-old who is recovered from being a drug addict aka Rue Benett that is Zendaya. The show also explores a lot of things as they explore about the group of people who are trying to make the sense for all the world, they cover everything about different things like love and sensuality, all other things like narcotics and sexuality.

Euphoria" Co-Stars Zendaya and Jacob Elordi Are Seen Out in NYC ...
Source: Seventeen Magazine.com

There are a lot of rumors

There are a lot of rumors that are going around. Their friendship gets stronger since they started working together on the project of the first season in 2019.we have also seen them enjoying their holidays in different places. They also go abroad together such as Australia and Greece.

Last year the couple is also seen in the romantic movie that is the Kissing booth. There are other stars also in the movie such as Joey King. This is the romantic movie in which we got to see romantic scenes in the movie.

Here are all the details about the relation between these two actors and that too romantic relationship.

In July 2020, both Jacob and Elordi speaks about their Long-Distance Relationships.  Elordi also gives various advice on the relationship status and also give suggestions to another couple how to stay happy in a long-distance relationship and that too specifically during the period of lockdown.

In this period of lockdown, Elordi spending time in his home place in Australia with his rumoured girlfriend Zendaya and he recently finished shooting his latest projects in California.

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