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The Last Of Us Series: Writer Craig Mazin Shared Important Details For The Story

The Last Of Us is an upcoming series of HBO. The series has been created by Craig Mazin, who has recently shared major details about the story of the series. Everyone is excited about the live-action series to arrive.

It is based upon The Last of Us game and players who have spent hours with Joel and Ellie have many questions in their minds about the upcoming series. We are definitely helping you to find out the answers to your questions by reading what details Mazin has shared about his approach to The Last of Us. Here is everything you should definitely know.

Craig Mazin About The Last Of Us

Creator Craig Mazin shared how he and Neil Druckmann are approaching the potential story of the forthcoming series, The Last of Us. He shared the details during an interview session with BBC Radio 5 Live while speaking about Chernobyl. The live-action series The Last of Us is on with its production works. Fans have a big question in their minds whether the HBO TV series will alter everything in the game. Craig Mazin has an answer to this question.

HBO is making a Last of Us series, and the game's writer is ...
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Craig shared that there is no need to worry as the story will not do any injustice to the game and will not take unknown strange left turns. According to Mazin fans always carry the fear in the mind that things will get changed or stupid when the property gets its right to someone else. He added, in this scenario, he is working for it with the one who did it and so alterations that they are developing are completing the things out and enhancing the original game.

Craig discussed that fans will get the brand new twists and turns in the story but they will definitely like it. There might be things that are new in the story other than the original game but the additions made will do justice to the original game. He added that we are taking extreme care and thinking a lot before everything that we are doing. Appreciating Neil he told that he exactly knows what fans love.

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