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The Stranded: Season 2 Release Date And Potential Storyline Revealed

Streaming giant Netflix has always been the one in all sites with all the International language-based shows and films. While fans are surely spoilt for choices with so many shows in the list, one such show titled The Stranded has been a popular Korean show from day one.

Is Thai Series The Stranded Going To Return For Season 2 On Netflix? Here’s What We Know.

After the first season was wrapped up with a huge cliffhanger behind, fans are already keen to know whether another season is happening or not. While there has been no official combination on a second season yet, we wonder when it might happen?

The Thai Series Has Not Been Renewed By The Streaming Giant Yet.

The Thai series follows around a story of a group of students who all are trapped in an island during a natural calamity. While the students are still struggling to make it out alive, there’s still a lot to look forward to in the series. So, a second season announcement might come anytime soon.┬áIf you haven’t already witnessed the thrill ride yet, here’s a little sneak peek for you all.

The first season was wrapped up with several cliffhangers behind with a big question about the group of students trying to make it out alive while struggling with the present challenges to survive. While some character met their tragic end, some characters are still finding their way back. We will discover it more if the show returns for season 2.

How Will The Students Find Their Way Back And Survive The Disaster?

While there’s still no combination yet for another season, the story was left incomplete making a vague promise of another season making its way into the streaming service. Expect all the leading case members to return for the second season as well, if renewed soon enough. Netflix might give a confirmation soon enough and we are eagerly waiting for the renewal update for season 2.

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