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The Midnight Sun: Know More Details About Its Release

The Twilight Saga has been a huge hit amongst teens and adults alike. The novels were such a big hit in the market that they were soon adapted to the million-dollar film franchise. While the story has pretty much come to a conclusive end, there’s more to it!

Popular Author Stephenie Meyer Is All Set To Launch New Novel, Titled, Midnight Sun.

Best selling author Stephenie Meyer is all set to release her fifth Twilight novel, Midnight Sun. Let us take a look at all the exclusive details and what can fans expect from this new novel that has already created enough buzz amongst readers.

A Rough Draft Was Accidentally Leaked On The Internet!

While this novel is a continuation of the famous Twilight story, the point of view has changed a bit. This time it would be narrated from Edward Cullen’s perspective. It would be a fresh perspective that will enable all the fans to explore the inner workings of Edward’s mind and how they meet and fall for each other.

The novel will unravel all those twisted questions that were left behind in all the reader’s minds when they went through the plot. They would love to know what was going on in the mind of the hundred years old mind-reading vampire during those awkward encounters with his lady love! That’s sure would be an interesting read for all.

The Upcoming Twilight Story Will Put Forward Edward Cullen’s Point Of View.

Moreover, this newly written novel will have a different undertone and it will follow the intricate details of how Edward was going through his lone life until Bella arrives and a new complicated love story of Bella and Edward  is born! Fans might be happy to know that the novel might give birth to yet another big-screen adaptation soon enough. However, no studio has teased any such ideas yet. This might depend on how fans respond to the novel after the big release.

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