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Netflix’s Away Season 1: Release Date, Cast And Expected Storyline

The ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the entire world, not exempting any sector or person. And one of it that has got massively affected is the film industry since it constitutes a large number of people who are the ones that are mainly responsible to bring a script into life.

And with the ongoing crisis, there has been a number of films and web series that have either got delayed from getting a release or whose production was shut down midway or which are yet, to begin with, their production. This left all the fans disheartened who were eagerly waiting for the release of their favorite upcoming flicks.

Well, this year would not serve as that bad because the coming months have got a good line of content coming for the viewers. And one of them includes the leading online streaming giant Netflix’s web drama titled Away. It is in the category of science fiction that will take us into the world of space.

Plot Of Away Season 1

The story revolves around a US astronaut who has been selected for a year long trip to Mars along with the space crew. However, she very well knows that it would be a one way trip by leaving behind her loving family.

Release Date

The show consists of ten episodes and is all set to release on September 4, 2020. There is even a teaser trailer available and the exact trailer would drop in the coming days.


The show stars;

  • Emma Green as Hilary Swank,
  • Alexis Logan as Talitha Eliana Bateman,
  • Matt as Josh Charles,
  • Misha as Mark Ivanir, and others as well.

The story looks quite promising and we are really looking forward to this Netflix drama taking us into the world of space and the exploration of the Red Planet. We are just very much relieved that the pandemic would have no impact on this drama as everything got finished off within a good span of time before the pandemic took a toll on us. So get excited about this science fiction and begin with your countdown.

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