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Pennyworth Season 2: Sequel’s Details: Release Date And Much More

Makers are adapting a lot of characters from comic books and one of them that is surpassing all of them is the DC comic book series. We already have so many web series on a lot of characters from the DC world that focusses on the individual characters and their personal story which are all connected with the other films and web series.

And another one to join the world of web series is Pennyworth, another character and a very familiar one from the DC comic books. Many of you might even have remembered this character as we have been introduced to the man many times.


So, the story revolves around Alfred Pennyworth, who is the family butler of the Wayne family. Yes, now you surely have recalled him as we have witnessed him many times with Bruce Wayne aka Batman. The story would focus on Pennyworth who was initially a British SAS soldier during the 50s to 60s London and he decides to form his own company of security.

But we know that such good deeds always face threats and opposition from those who wish to bring destruction. And same goes the case here, but still Pennyworth along with the Wayne family (the parents of Bruce) they prepare themselves to work against the British government. Interesting isn’t it!

Source: EPIX

That is why the ratings generated are bigger as we have currently season one of the crime thriller drama. So when are we getting a second season on our screens? Is it even happening or the makers just gave us a touch of taste by launching only one hit season?

Renewal Status and Release Date Of Season 2

Well well, do not worry as the show got already renewed for a second innings whose production was to begin from January 2020. The makers were in favor of launching the second season this year itself mainly by fall 2020.

But we do not know what exactly is the status of production, which commenced since the beginning of this year. And now that the entire world is living under the Coronavirus or COVID-19 threat, let’s hope that not much work is left to finish off and we get to binge-watch the upcoming flick by the end of the year to the maximum. The show is available on Epix and the upcoming flick would too consist of ten episodes.


The show stars;

  • Jack Bannon,
  • Ben Aldridge,
  • Ryan Fletcher,
  • Dorothy Atkinson,
  • and other artists as well.
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