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The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 4? What Is Known About The Release

After the overwhelming response from fans of the first three seasons of The Handmaids Tale, a fourth season was highly anticipated. Streaming service Hulu for not waste any time and soon renewed the show for season 4!

The Handmaid’s Tale Is Officially Returning for Season 4! Here’s What We Know.

The third season ended with a high cliffhanger and now the biggest question that was left behind was what’s next for June? After she managed to successfully rescuee the children and send them to Canada, there’s a high challenge ahead for the leading star and we wonder what’s that going to be!

Things Might Not Look Good For Aunt Lydia Or Serena! Have a Look.

Moreover, things did not end well for Serena Waterford as well as she faces severe charges of sexually assaulting June for a baby. In the third season finale, Serena was repeated from her daughter and was under arrest with serious charges. How will she manage to rescue herself? Take a look at this short teaser released by Hulu for season 4!

As far as the Commander, actor Joseph Fiennes has revealed Fred’s fate a little by saying he is under rest and might serve as an informer for the Canadian government. However, fans have to wait a while to witness the political thriller unravels in season 4, as shooting has been withheld for now. Leading star Elisabeth Moss has said that they had just started filming before it was stopped. Have a look at this teaser.

Is June Going To Face An Unhappy Turn Of Fate In Season 4?

As streaming service, Hulu has already released a short teaser, we did get a glimpse of what’s going to happen int he fourth installment. While June continues with her resistance, things are not looking good for aunty Lydia and as Ann Dowd, herself has said, Lydia has a lot to prove in season 4! Serena is also going to be in grave trouble as will June, as hinted by series creator Bruce Miller.

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