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Vice Season 8: Is The Eighth Season Of The Series Officially Renewed? Here Are All The Major Details On The Approaching Part

Vice is an HBO and Showtime original American Television Documentary series, created by Shane Smith. The series made its debut with the premiere of the first episode of its first season on 5th April 2013 on its original network, HBO. The completion of its first season took place on June 14, 2013.

The production companies involved in the making of this series are, Bill Maher Productions, Vice Original Series and HBO Entertainment, along with HBO Enterprises and Warner Bros as the distributors of this show. The executive producers of the series are Bill Maher, Suroosh Alvi, Eddy Moretti, Shane Smith, Tim Clancy, Fareed Zakaria, and BJ Levin. The show is one of the famed American Documentary series worldwide and has made a huge success in its 7 years of existence.

The country origin of Vice is the United States, and the series is originally developed in the English language. The show is popularly known for the depiction of beautiful scenes in its episodes. This is because the shooting location involved in the making of this series is The Greenwich Studios in North Miami.

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The show was originally supposed to be shot in Los Angeles, however, with some issues in the production, only a few scenes were filmed in Los Angeles whereas, the rest were shot in the original shooting location of the series. The writer and creator of the show are Shane Smith and is also the starring actor of Vice.

The series consists of 7 commendable parts till now, where the first season was released 7 years back, on April 5, 2013. Given the amount of appreciation and admiration the first season received from the public’s end, the crew of this documentary television show was encouraged to produce more seasons of it.

So, on March 14, 2014, the release of the second season of Vice took place, followed by the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons’ releases, on 6 March 2015, February 5, 2016, February 24, 2017, and April 6, 2018, respectively. After the release, all the 6 seasons were a hit and received a lot of appreciation from the show’s admirers. So, later on, March 29, 2020, the seventh and latest season of the series premiered, which was as great as the other ones.

Vice is one of the popular documentary shows, and it comprises of 121 episodes in total, which is surely a matter of great success. The first four seasons of the series consisted of 10, 12, 14, and 18 episodes each, whereas the rest of the seasons comprise 29, 30, and 13 episodes, respectively. All the episodes hold a running time of 27-43 minutes, and all of them have received equal appreciation because of the great hard work put in the making of each of them.

The show usually launches its new seasons in the months of February and March, with a gap of approximately one year, between its past and the upcoming season. Considering how the latest part of Vice, aired on March 29, 2020, on its original network, completion of which took place on June 21, of the same year, the show is still receiving positive reviews. After the broadcast of the latest season of this mind-blowing series, the only popular question asked by the fans was, Will there be an Eight season of Vice?

With the aim of bringing clarity to such questions, almost a month after the completion of the latest season of this series, it was hinted by one of the original networks of the show, Showtime that the series is not going to end anytime soon. After that, on July 30, 2020, the show was renewed for an eight-season by HBO, and it was mentioned that the show will be returning for an eight-season, sometime in 2021.

There haven’t been any more updates on the exact launch date of the approaching season, however considering the pattern in the release dates of the past seasons, it is expected that the Eight seasons will be released in February/March 2021. The news on the coming of the eight seasons has surely boosted the fans’ enthusiasm, and the admirers of the show are keenly waiting for the release of this upcoming season of Vice.

Vice: Plot And Motto Of The Show

The series is a documentary show that revolves around a plot which includes interviews and opinions of people from all cultures, all across the globe regarding different matters. The hosts of the show Ryan Duffy and Thomas Morton, go around the world and interview people on topics related to politics and culture.

The interviewing topics go from general to sensitive to bold, covering all parts and age groups in order to have a better sense of understanding the society. The topics for instance include child suicide bombers, the Chinese one-child policy, climate change, etc. The show was developed with a meaningful purpose to create awareness and to bring a sense of unity all over the world. The show has a very interesting plot, which is one of the main reasons for it to be such a huge success.

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