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Baki Season 3: What All The Officials Have Planned For The Upcoming Seasons Of This Anime !

Grappler Baki, popular in North America with the title ‘Baki The Grappler’ is a Manga anime series. The comic is a martial arts genre of the famous Manga comics. Written and illustrated by, Keisuke Itagaki, this Japanese animated manga story was released in 1991, where it began its serialization in the Weekly Shōnen Champion.
The launch of the comic took place in October 1991 in the Weekly Shōnen Champion in the Japanese language and Raijin Comics in the English language and is going on till the present time. The completion of the comic’s first part took place in 1999 and the series has the following installments, Grappler Baki, with 42 volumes, Baki comprising of 31 volumes, Baki Hanma having 37 volumes, Baki-Dou consisting of 22 volumes and Baki Dou with a total of 5 volumes.

About The Series 

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Baki The Grappler has a total of 137 volumes till now, and by the looks of it, this comic is surely in the process of developing more. This popular anime story is also available in various categories like video animation, game, net animation and anime television series. The game inspired by this story was released on October 12, 2000, in Japan and on July 26, 2003, in The United Kingdom. Whereas, the launch of the video animation of this story took place on August 21, 1994, with a running time of 45 minutes. Together with the release of the television series in January 2001 and its completion in December of the same year.
After the show is a hit in the comics category, this popular story was then initiated to be made into a net animation. So, after its release as a comic, almost 20 decades later in 2018, this comic story was made into a net animation show. The name of the story is popular with the title ‘Baki’. The launch of the first season of this series took place on June 25, 2018, and ended on December 16, the same year. The series has been published by Akita Shoten, along with its English publishers, Gutsoon Entertainment and Media Do International as its English publishers.
The series is written by Tatsuhiko Urahata and Kei Watahiki and Yuki Yokoi as the producers and Tetsu Kojima as the executive producer of the show. With Netflix holding the legal license of releasing this show, the series made its debut as a net animation on Netflix only and earned huge fame and support from the public’s end.
After the completion of the first part of this series and considering the massive popularity gained by it, the show was renewed for a second season at the starting of 2019. The release of the second season of the series took place on June 4, 2020, which was completed on the same date only, as Netflix released all episodes of the second season of Baki on the same day.
The country origin of this series in Japan and the show has given 2 mind-blowing seasons till now, comprising 39 episodes, with 26 parts in the first season and 13 in the latest one. The studio associated with this anime show for editing and illustration purposes is TMS Entertainment and Double Eagle. Directed by, Toshiki Hirano, the second season is too licensed by Netflix and was released on its original network only. After the completion of the second season of the show recently, the only popular question asked by the fans was whether the series will have another season or not?

Baki : Season 3, All The Updates!

So, after a lot of waits, this popular question was taken into consideration, and it was announced that the third season of Baki would be coming soon! Well, given the success made by the first two seasons of the show, it was never a doubt that another part of it will be made or not. It was announced in March, by the original network of the show that the third season of Baki has officially been renewed. It was also announced that Baki does not only have its third season in development, but the work on the fourth season of this show has started as well.
The news on the confirmation of not one but two more seasons of Baki was surely a matter of great excitement for the fans. After the renewal, the announcement on the release dates was much awaited by the fans. However, considering the current pandemic situation and the completion of the second season just a few months back, there aren’t many updates on the upcoming season. However, it is known that the approaching season of this series will, too, be writing of Tatsuhiko Urahata and will be releasing on its original network.
It is also expected that this part of the series will too first air in Japan and then on any other network. After becoming one of the oldest and popular anime series worldwide, Baki is all set to premiere its third season, presumably next year. The news on the coming of another season was surely a matter of great excitement for the fans of the show and is much awaited by them. So, given the love gained by the third season already, this martial arts anime manga series is expected to be as amazing as its previous seasons.
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