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Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons (2020): Release Date And Much More

The CW Seed network has come up with an exciting project revolving around a famous villain character and it is all those animated fanatics need to look out for! What is it all about? Let’s find out all the details.

Don’t Forget To Watch New Feature Film, Titled Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons: The Movie! Here What We Know.

The new CW feature-length edit, titled Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons: The Movie featured the famous villain and his complicated relationship with his daughter Rose. While this part has not been explored before the recent venture sure puts enough light on it.

The Film Explores The Unseen Tale Of Rose Aka The Leader Of H.I.V.E. Have A Look.

As the preview clip suggests, Rose grows up as a loner and calls herself Jade. She after being neglected and abandoned for years, is hellbent to seek revenge from her father which creates internal conflicts within herself as well. How far will this revenge game go? Well, that would be an interesting watch for fans! Take a look at this preview clip released by DC studio to get a glimpse of the ongoing action-packed tale.

The feature edit follows Rose as she goes on to become the leader of the notorious gang HIVE, she recalls her past and how enhanced she was from an early age and extremely skilled as a fighter!

The Film Has Other Important DC Characters As Well.

Other than that, the feature film consists of other characters like the Lady Shiva and The Jackal along with Bronze Tiger. If you are a DC fanatic, you just cannot miss out on the film which was initially made a series. The film is directed by Sung Jin Ahn. The film is a must-watch as it explores the never seen before aspects of the comic universe and especially the story of Rose and Deathstroke in particular. So, don’t forget to watch it to connect the missing dots of the world of DC.

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