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The Rain: Is There A Possibility For Season 4?

The Rain is the first-ever Danish web series that was made available to the worldwide audience by the leading online streaming giant Netflix. The post-apocalyptic thriller drama has three seasons in its kitty with the last one launched on August 6, 2020. And just a day has passed and the viewers are asking whether a fourth season would happen or not.

Plot Of The Rain TV Show

The show is a science fiction sitcom that is set on a group of survivors after the post-apocalypse wherein a virus by way of rain droplets spread throughout the region affecting everyone.

However, a scientist’s father of two daughters was able to hide her daughters and now the daughters along with the other survivors are finding the man to bring a cure for the same. The show has been one of the most-watched shows in the non-English genre by the viewers which is a hit among the fans. So is a season four in works? Or is this the end?

Renewal Status Of The Rain Season 4

Well, unfortunately, the online streaming giant informed this very much in advance that the third season would serve as the last one. Which means there is no season four. The news didn’t go well among the fans who showed their resentment.

The Rain
Source: Netflix

But the makers as a token of gratitude shared a lot of clippings, videos, and pictures from behind the scenes that would make our day. Of course, we are sad knowing the fact that this drama would no longer be watched further. But see the good and enjoy binge-watching the ongoing finale season of the series.

Cast In The Rain TV Show

The show stars;

  • Alba August,
  • Clara Rosager,
  • Jessica Dinnage,
  • Mikkel Følsgaard,
  • Sonny Lindberg, and others as well.

It is very unfortunate that this amazing show is coming to an end. However, the makers have definitely left many memories of the show that the fans could cherish. The show was amazing both because of the cast and the plot. Let us hope that the makers would reconsider their decision and would come up with next season.

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