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Anne With E Season 4: Revival Status And Possibilites Of Release

Fans were thrown into a fitting rage when streaming giant Netlfix and CBC made a shocking announcement reading the hit series Anne With An E. The series was surprisingly canceled just after three seasons despite being such a hit amongst fans.

Fans Are Fight For Anne With E Season 4 With Online Campaign! Here’s What We Know.

The show was brought to an abrupt end with the third season finale, fans considered this a wrong move on the network’s part. There were several unresolved questions left behind even after the third season and a fourth season was very much needed. With Anne’s story left incomplete, fans are anxiously looking forward season 4. Take a look at this social media post about the series.

Anne With An E Campaign Is Gaining Huge Momentum! Have A Look.

After the sudden cancellation, fans decided to take the matter in their own hands and soon started an online petition urging Netflix to soon revive the show for season 4, fans want a proper conclusive end for such a heartwarming show. Now, the petition has received a whopping 1,000,000 signatures! Take a look at this Twiter post made by the fans supporting the campaign.


The petition gained such momentum with the time that some fans even organized to put up some billboards on the New York Times Square as well. There were Billboards all over the place asking for the revival of the show.

Is Netflix Going To Reviving Anne With An E Season 4?

Moreover, despite the overwhelming response of the whole campaign, the chances of Netflix reviving the show still look slim enough. However, some other network might take up the campaign into consideration and revive the series soon after. There have been speculations of the series turning into a feature film. That is how the fan’s plea can be taken into consideration. Other than that, we can only hope until an official good news is soon announced making the fourth season happen!

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