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Donald Trump Says Kardashian Has A Good Heart And Praised Kanye West And His Wife

It seems like one of the reality stars has made it into the President of the United States, Donald Trump’s good books. The President recently praised this celebrity and said she has a good heart. Who are we talking about? Let’s find that out.

President Donald Trump Praises Television Star Kim Kardashian! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, President Donald Trump is impressed by the reality television star Kim Kardashian and her efforts to reforming the criminal justice system. However, the president did not seem to make any comments about Kanye’s political campaigns. He has also denied his involvement in the rapper’s ongoing campaigns.

The President Said That Kim Kardashian Has A Good Heart.

The context of Kim Kardashian came up when the President was asked about the Republican party’s plan to assist Kanye West in his political campaigns. Trump is pitted against Democrat leader Joe Biden. While Trump has denied any statement about his assistance behind Kanye West going for the ballot, he did say that he likes the rapper.

Donald Trump goes on to praise Kim Kardashian saying that how she asked for some people to get out of prison. The president said she ha a good heart but at the same time said that he is not involved in the whole Kanye West political campaign. He has earlier described the rapper’s political plans as interesting! The two have met earlier and discussed their individual political plans and more.

Donald Trump Has Denied Any Involvement In Kanye West Going For The Ballot.

Rapper Kanye West went on to create controversy with his recent campaign as he went on to make some shocking revelations that fans described as a public meltdown. However, the popular rapper has been a supporter of Donald Trump. The rapper even confessed that Kim Kardashian used to lock him in a room! While these allegations were indeed shocking, he later apologized for this behavior which might have been hurtful for his family members.

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