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Friends Reunion Special Is Facing A Delay, Is There Any Expected Air Date For It

The romantic dramedy sitcom FRIENDS is the most celebrated and watched sitcoms till now. The first suggestion that pings out from a person is that do watch Friends! Yes, that is what the impact this show has generated. It has now been 25 years this year that the show continues to entertain its fans of every generation.

And what was the biggest threat that the fans could get is that the entire cast of Friends was to hold a special reunion episode to celebrate 25 year anniversary of this historic achievement.

Actors Are Coming For A Friends Reunion

This wonderful news was given itself by none other than the cast itself on their respective social media handles after which there was a storm of the same all over the internet. The special episode for the first time was bringing the entire cast under one roof together after their last meet up together ever when the show came to an end.

Source: NME.com

Expected Release Date Of Friends Reunion

It would be an unscripted reunion which will take all of us back to those.days, and they are going to share some really unknown experiences and facts about the show and each other. It was to air in May 2020 on HBO Max to mark the online streaming platform’s launch which could not happen because of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

This news made all of us really sad who were impatiently waiting for the same. But then, we had another update that the reunion special would be filmed by the end of summer 2020. But now this also is not happening anymore because the pandemic is not under control yet.

However, many makers are taking in the required safety measures, but we cannot be sure because the current situation does not have any cure.to it except to maintain social distancing. So, guys, we do not have any new release date update for now, and it seems that we have to wait for some more time to see our favorite peeps together once again.

The special episode was to be shot at one of the Warner Bros. sets wherein the shooting for their show took place. Till then keep watching Friends which is now available on HBO Max to binge-watch until we get you further updates on it.

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