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John Wick 5: Are Those Rumors Really True?

After the overwhelming response of the action film franchise, John Wick and am even bigger success of the third film in 2019, it seems like there’s no looking back for the makers. A fourth film is already in development and slated for a later release as well.

Time To Rejoice As John Wick 5 Might Be Happening! Here’s What We Know.

While the third film had a high box office, the studio did not waste any time before announcing the fourth film as well. The fourth film is scheduled for 2022 release, but now we have even bigger news for action fanatics. This might make John Wick fans very very happy! What is it all about? Let’s see.

The Studio Has Not Made Any Confirmation About John Wick 5 Yet!

Apparently, a fifth John Wick movie has been given green light by the Lionsgate studios! While there’s been no official announcement about a possible fifth film yet, there are strong rumors of some development already in motion regarding the fifth film. Considering the success of the franchise, the studio might not be letting the franchise go anytime soon.

John Wick has been no doubt one of the biggest money turning projects for the Lionsgate studios. The third film collected a whopping amount of $326 million at the box office! However, fans loved the smashing return of the pet moving Assasin and all the kickass action that followed. With the fourth film still waiting for a release and fans have to wait for a while, a fifth film is still a far fetched project.

The Fifth John Wick Movie Will Surely Make Fans Happy!

Such is the popularity of the John Wick movies, that the makers have already been working on a spinoff series along with a prequel movie as well. The prequel movie will follow the untold tales of all the female assassins in Wick’s world. So, the Wick world is going to entertain fans with some interesting back to back projects.

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