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Selena Gomez And Niall Horan: Are They Secretly Dating? Facts And Details About Their Relationship

People are interested to know the relationship status of their favorite stars. Now the star’s name is Selena Gomez And Niall Horan.

This rumor between Gomez and Horan is going on since 2015, and it is also rumored that they are dating secretly from 2015. The stars don’t want to reveal their personal life in public, and this is the reason why the stars don’t let this news out to their fans, saying by the fans. It is the fans who are getting worried about their relationship status. They want to know everything between them and what is going in between them. Are they dating or they are hanging out as friends?

There are lots of pictures of these two are getting to see on social media. These two always keep posting the images on their social media accounts. This is the reason why people are more curious to know everything about them.

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Gomez is a sweetheart.

In October, a familiar friend of both the stars shared a group picture on social media and the familiar friend also tagged these two in the film. In this photograph, Horan had his arm around the famous actress Gomez. In an interview after posting some pictures of them together, he said that the actress is a sweetheart. In addition to this, he also said that she is a perfect friend of the actor right now. Netizens can even think about this word right now that they can be dating in the future. Each netizen is thinking about different meanings with the name right now.

Gomez was a childhood crush.

In 2015, it is rumored that both the actors kissed on the dancefloor at the birthday party of Jeena Dewan according to various reports. They were spotted at a roller coaster ride in the same year. And in 2017, Horan also admitted that Gomez was his first and childhood crush. So we never know what is going on in between. Are they dating or it is just a rumor because both always said that they are friends?

Very much single

During an interview, when asked by Horan that is he having a girlfriend, then he said no. He also makes this statement crystal clear and added that is he is very much single.

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